Words with -ence and -ance

Words with -ence and -ance :

— ence
acquiescence, adherence, adolescence, audience, circumference, coincidence, concurrence, conference, confidence, confluence,
conscience, consequence, convenience, correspondence, defence, dependence, difference, eloquence, excellence, existence,
experience, impertinence, impudence, independence, indifference, influence, innocence, insistence, insolence, intelligence,
interference, lenience, licence, magnificence, negligence, obedience, occurrence, offence, patience, penitence, permanence,
persistence, precedence, preference, presence, prudence, reminiscence, residence, science, violence .

acceptance, abundance, accordance, acquaintance, admittance, advance, allegiance, alliance, allowance, appearance, arrogance,
assistance, assurance, attendance, balance, chance, conveyance, defiance, deliverance, distance, disturbance, entrance,
extravagance, finance, fragrance, furtherance, grievance, guidance, importance, inheritance, instance, insurance, irrelevance,
maintenance, nuisance, penance, performance, perseverance, prance, relevance, reliance, reluctance, remembrance, repentance,
resemblance, resistance, romance, trance, vengeance, vigilance .