Words that only occur in the plural

Tools, instruments, pieces of equipment 

Some of these are always plural.

Things we wear

Some other useful words

When I move to London, I’ll have to find lodgings, [e.g. a room]

When will the goods be delivered? [articles/items]

The architect inspected the foundations before declaring that the premises were safe. The military authorities have established their headquarters in the old Town Hall. The acoustics in the new opera-house are near-perfect.

The contents of the house were sold after her death.

Looks are less important than personality in a partner.

As you come to the outskirts of the village, there are traffic-lights. Turn left there. The stairs are a bit dangerous; be careful.

The proceeds of the concert are going to the children’s fund.

A terrorist has escaped from prison. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Words with plural form but used mostly with singular verbs

Names of some games: billiards dominoes draughts darts bowls

Names of subjects/activities: physics economics classics gymnastics aerobics athletics maths

Note: some words look plural but are not, e.g. series, means, news, spaghetti

There was a series of programmes on TV about Japan.

Is there a cheap means of transport I could use to get there?