Verb patterns

Verb + object

Verb + object + question word

Note: A common mistake is: ‘He explained me what to do.’ After explain + question word, there is no direct object. We say: ‘He explained what to do / what I had to do.’

Verb + object + infinitive

persuade = make somebody change their mind.
John wanted to get an IBM but I persuaded him to buy an Apple Macintosh.
warn = tell someone of a possible danger, and often tell them what they should(n’t) do.
She warned the children not to swim near the rocks.

Verb + (object) + (that) clause

insist = demand something strongly and not accept refusal.
She insisted that I stay with them (= she did not want me to stay in another place).
We can also use -ing after suggest, e.g. She suggested going there together.

Verb + (object) + preposition

He insisted on paying for the hotel. (Note: use the -ing form of the verb after a preposition)
They blamed the driver for the accident. (= they said he was responsible / it was his fault)
He complained (to the manager) about the bad service. (= he said he was not satisified)
The manager apologised (to the customer) for the bad service. (= the manager said sorry)