Vehicle is the genera! word for all types of road transport.

A: How did you get here?
B: I came by bus.
A: And the others?
B: Sue and John came by car. A: And Paul?
B: He missed the bus, so he had to take a taxi.

Catch a bus,take a taxi

Railway stations

You may hear these announcements.

The train now arriving at platform 3 is the 8.48 to London Paddington, calling at Swindon and Reading. Passengers for Didcot change ( = change trains) at Swindon.
We apologise to passengers for the late arrival of the 8.52 to Oxford. This train will now arrive at platform 6 in approximately 20 minutes.
The next train due to (= timetabled to) arrive at platform 4 is the 9.06 to Birmingham.


Sometimes buses are not very punctual (= they don’t arrive at the correct time). Where I live buses should run (= come) every ten minutes, but sometimes I wait at the bus stop for half an hour with a long queue (AmEng = line) of people, and then three buses come together, and they’re all full up (= full of people, and no more people can get on). On other occasions the bus is early and I miss it (= I don’t catch it. NOT I lost the bus.).