Pocket, buttons, collar, sleeves

Note: Some of these words are plural nouns, e.g. jeans and trousers.

Important verbs

Use this text to guess the meaning of the key words.
I got up at 7.30, had a shower, got dressed, and had breakfast. It was a cold morning so I put on my overcoat and left home about 8.20. When I got to work I took off my coat and hung it up behind the door. It was hot in the office, so I took my jacket off as well. During my lunchbreak I had a look round the shops. I saw a nice jacket in one shop and tried it on, bit it didn’t fit me – it was too small and they didn’t have a bigger size.
Note: Notice the different word order with the verbs put on, take off, hang up, and try on. If you want to know the rule about this, turn to Unit 17 Phrasal verbs: grammar and style.

Too small and not long enough

The man is wearing a suit, but it doesn’t fit him very well: the jacket is too small (= not big enough); the trousers are too short (= not long enough).