Pleasant and unpleasant feelings

Happiness and unhappiness

You feel:

ecstatic when you are madly in love or are spiritually uplifted for some reason. content(ed) when you are peaceful and satisfied with what you have. Notice that content is not used before a noun. You can say ‘She is content’ or ‘She is contented’ but only ‘a contented person’, cheerful when life is looking quite bright and positive, grateful when someone has done you a favour.

delighted when something has happened that gives you great pleasure, when you hear news of someone’s good fortune, for instance, miserable when everything seems wrong in your life, discontented when your life is not giving you satisfaction.

fed-up / sick and tired when you have had enough of something disagreeable. You could be fed up with someone’s rudeness, for instance, or sick and tired of someone’s behaviour.

depressed when you are miserable over a long period of time. Depression is considered an illness in some severe cases, frustrated when you are unable to do something that you want to do. confused / mixed up when you cannot make sense of different conflicting feelings or ideas; mixed up is more colloquial.

Excitement, anger and anxiety

You feel:

excited when you are expecting something special to happen, e.g. before a party or before a meeting with someone special, inspired when you are stimulated to creative deeds or words. You might feel inspired after listening to some very powerful music, perhaps, or you might be inspired to action by a friend.

enthusiastic when you have very positive feelings about something, e.g. a new project, thrilled when something extremely exciting and pleasing happens – quite a colloquial word. She was thrilled when the film star kissed her. cross when you are angry or bad-tempered. It is ofen, though not exclusively, used about small children; quite a colloquial word, furious/livid/seething when you are extremely angry; livid and seething are more informal; in a rage/fury are other ways of saying furious or violently angry, anxious when you are afraid and uncertain about the future. I am so anxious about the results of my exams that I can’t sleep, nervous when you are afraid or anxious about something that is about to or may be about to happen. I always feel nervous when I have to go to the dentist. Feeling nervous is a little bit like feeling excited but it is a negative feeling whereas excitement is positive.

apprehensive when you are slightly nervous or anxious about something in the future, worried when anxious thoughts are constantly going through your head, upset when something unpleasant has happened to disturb you. It often combines feelings of both sadness and anger.