Keeping a vocabulary notebook

Organising your notebook

Give each page or double page a title, e.g. sport, education, phrasal verbs, etc. Then, as you learn new words, record each one on a suitable page. You could also have a general index in the back of your book, with a space for each letter Then, as you learn new words, you enter them alphabetically with the title of the topic in brackets.

What do I need to record?

These things are important but you won’t need to record all of them for every word.

Note: You won’t learn everything about a word when you first record it, so always leave space in your notebook, then you can come back and add more information later.

Organising words on the page

Certain words often appear together (common partners), so it is a good idea to record them together, and not just write lists of words on their own. You can do this in different ways: