Human feelings and actions


• Pride has different meanings, but the most common is the feeling of satisfaction you have because you (or people you are connected with) have done something well.
He was very proud when his wife became the first President of the organisation.
• Jealousy is a feeling of anger and unhappiness you may have if (a) someone you love shows a lot of interest in others, or (b) if someone has something you want / don’t have.
a) My boyfriend gets very jealous when I talk to other boys.
b) He’s jealous of his brother because his brother is more intelligent and makes more money.
• A common adjective is upset, which means unhappy, sad, and even angry, because something unpleasant has happened, e.g. He was very upset when we didn’t invite him.

Ways of…

Ways of speaking
whisper (v, n) (= speak very quietly)
shout (v, n) (= speak in a very loud voice)
Ways of looking
stare (v, n) ( = look at someone/something in a fixed way for a long time)
glance (at) (v, n) (= look at someone or something very quickly)
Ways of walking
stroll (v, n) (= walk in a slow casual way)
march (v, n) (= walk quickly and with a clear purpose/reason)

Things we do with our hands