Expressions with bring and take

Here are some common phrasal verbs with bring. Each is exemplified in a typical spoken sentence and a more formal equivalent is provided in brackets.

– I was brought up in the country, [raise]
– Don’t give up. I’m sure you’ll bring it off. [succeed]
– Cold winds always bring on her cough, [cause to start]
– The strike brought about a change of government, [cause to happen]
– I hope they don’t bring back capital punishment, [re-introduce]
– They promised to bring down taxes but have they? [lower]
– Inflation will bring down the government, [destroy, remove from power]
– Ford are bringing out an interesting new model in the spring, [introduce]
– Keep at it and you’ll bring him round to your point of view, [persuade]

Here are some common phrasal verbs with take.

– Doesn’t he take after his father! [resemble]
– I wish I could take back what I said to her. [withdraw]
– I find it very hard to take in his lectures, [absorb, understand]
– She was completely taken in by him. [deceive]
– Sales have really taken off now. [start to improve]
– The plane took off two hours late, [left the ground]
– She’s very good at taking off her teacher, [imitate]
– We’ll have to take on more staff if we’re to take on more work, [employ; undertake]
– She took to him at once, [form an immediate liking for]
– When did you take up golf? [start (a hobby)]

Here are some other common idioms with bring and take.

– The new regulations will be brought into force in May… [become law]
– His research brought some very interesting facts to light, [revealed]
– Matters were brought to a head when Pat was sacked, [reached a point where changes had to be made]
– It’s better that everything should be brought into the open, [made public]
– His new girlfriend has really brought out the best in him. [been good for him]
– Don’t let him take advantage of you. [unfairly use superiority]
– After 20 years of marriage they take each other for granted, [don’t appreciate each other’s qualities]
– I took it for granted you’d come, [assumed]
– She immediately took control of the situation, [started organising]
– His words took my breath away, [surprised]
– She loves taking care of small children, [looking after, caring for]
– We took part in a demonstration last Saturday, [participated]
– The story takes place in Mexico, [happens]
– He doesn’t seem to take pride in his work, [draw satisfaction from]
– Mother always takes everything in her stride, [copes calmly]