At this level you probably already know most of the everyday words for clothes. Here are some items of clothing or parts of them which are perhaps less familiar.

Notice that most items of clothing covering the legs are plural words only and, if you wish count them, you need to say, e.g. ‘Six pairs of trousers’.

Here are some words used to describe materials which clothes are often made of. These words can be either nouns or adjectives.
silk cotton velvet corduroy denim leather wool/woollen suede

Here are some adjectives used to describe the patterns on materials.

Here are some verbs associated with clothing.

– He undressed / got undressed, throwing all his clothes on the floor.
– She quickly dressed the child.
– I love dressing up for parties as I normally wear jeans.
– Can I try on those grey shoes in the window?
– The skirt is too tight and too short – it needs letting out and letting down.
– The dress is too loose and too long – it needs taking in and taking up.
– She took off her shoes and put on her slippers.
– He changed out of his weekend clothes into his uniform.
– Red usually doesn’t suit people with ginger hair.
– Her black bag matches her shoes.
– Those shoes don’t fit the boy any more. He’s grown out of them.

Here are some adjectives for describing people’s clothing.

– How things fit: baggy loose tight close-fitting
– Style: long-sleeved V-neck round-neck
– General: elegant smart scruffy chic trendy with-it
– Appearance: well-dressed badly-dressed old-fashioned fashionable