Classroom language


These are some of the things you may use in your classroom or school.

Note: We can use some of these nouns as verbs with little or no change: to video (= to record a programme on video), to photocopy (= to use the photocopier), to highlight and to file (= to put things in a file)

Classroom activities

Here are some classroom activities. Look carefully at the verbs in bold.

Things you do in the classroom:

Look up a word if you don’t understand it. (= find the meaning of a word in a dictionary)
Borrow someone’s dictionary or rubber. (= use it and then return it)
Rub out mistakes in your notebook. (= erase mistakes / remove them using a rubber)
Things the teacher may do in the classroom:
Plug in the tape recorder. (= put the plug in the socket and turn on the electricity)
Turn up the tape recorder (= increase the volume) if the students can’t hear it.
Rub things off the board. (= remove writing from the board)
Correct students’ English. (= give the correct English if students make mistakes)
Things your teacher may ask you to do in the classroom:
Could you clean the board, Carlos? (= remove all the writing from the board)
Write these words down. (= write these words on a piece of paper / in a notebook)
Enrique, could you swap places (= exchange places) with Lorena?
Repeat this sentence (= say it again) after me.

Questions about vocabulary

What does X mean? [not :
How do you pronounce it?
How do you spell ‘bicycle’?
How do you use ‘anyway’ in a sentence?
What’s the difference between X and Y?