Prepositions after vital

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

vital to

Vital to learning is academic achievement.
– Reader feedback is vital to i’s personality.
– The mystical urge is vital to the discipline.
Vital to the continuation of the ecosystem is the free movement of the migratory herds.
– It is vital to ensure that they understand and adhere to the new way of doing business.
– I am vital to the pulse of humanity and their strength is mine, just as mine is theirs.
– So in our eyes because we have somewhat limited resources, these collaborations with partners are really vital to us.
Vital to this technique is the discriminate nature of selecting high-risk women to be screened; this procedure can be.
– On the other point, atmospheric constituents are vital to the effect you were talking about since mass is not varying.
– Connor meets with Washington, who informs him that Church has stolen goods vital to the Continental Army and has fled.

vital for

– A winner was vital for the game.
– Sleep is vital for adult health.
– Blinds are vital for the activity.
– All these vitamins are vital for the human body, and help strengthen the immune system.
– This information is vital for the continued health and well-being for the HIV infected.
– Movement is vital for the health of the foot since blood flow is encouraged by movement.
– Public support of funding for collaborative R &TD; is vital for the stimulation of R &TD; addressing societal needs.
– Getting this right is vital for the UK economy, the education system and, most importantly, the students themselves.
– Incentive, education, and further education is vital for the youth of today and just finding fault won’t alter that.
– As I have already stated; the conspirators knew that only another world war was vital for the success of their plot.

vital in

– This step is vital in the early days.
– It is vital in your http: //emergency.
– And he could prove vital in this deal.
– Our individual results, although some unflattering, proved to be very vital in the end.
– Those 3 gear are definitely vital in operating even the particular with establishments.
– Ben and Polly’s presence here was probably one of the most vital in the show’s history.
– Hands are highly adaptable and are pretty vital in the use of most of our tools, from knife and fork to power drills.
– Strengthening the town centre of Clonmel is vital in terms of sustainable development in a social and economic sense.
– Vitamin C is very vital in the production of collagen which keeps the skin smooth and later can fill in pitted scars.
– Sports is vital in the very young lives of your kids for it gives them a lot of things to learn about life aside from.

vital as

– Rooney is like our engine room — vital as a powerhouse for attack.
– Item’s usually assumed suddenly look vital as well as their cost a lot more important.
– However one of the reasons Lorenzo used was that LIBOR is vital as a information source.
– Marriage is vital as a framework within which children can be brought up by a man and woman.
– Basically push New home windows creative logo vital as well as Ve had together with each other.
– Nike Free However, it is vital as well as some style of assessment can certainly make a difference.
– During this stage guidance is vital as the change process is still based on perception and feelings.
– This is vital as a book cover design often looks better on a computer screen than it does when printed out.
– Here, at Arnhem, the capture of the bridge was vital as the Neder Rijn was over 100 metres wide at this point.
– Certainly, a region as large or vital as the Midlands deserves so much more than a couple of local news studios.

vital at

– I used to think exams were vital at the end of every unit.
– Creating the lost jazba or zeal is vital at this moment for our nation.
– Creating the lost Jazba or zeal is vital at this moment for our nation.
– Praying that God show you way is the best way forward and would be vital at this point.
– It is useful for retaining possession from goal kicks, but also, it is vital at set pieces.
– Integrated decision making for sustainable development is vital at sub-national levels too.
– He is suspect and can be dodgy at times, but he is a true attacking full back which can be vital at international level.
– It is vital at this stage that the baby is kicking regularly and 10 separate kicks a day are considered a normal minimum.
– Comments i don’t think RVP is the final piece of the puzzle for arsenal, but certainly he is the most vital at the moment.
– It’s hard to imagine nowadays worrying about this, but going back over a century, reliable time prediction was vital at sea.

vital of

– Most vital of all, the runs came.
– The primary, and most vital of these, is to.
– So what — This is the most vital of all questions.
– Flame of hope This by far is the most vital of all things in a life of a Pakistani: Hope.
– In a very real sense, therefore, we can say that education is the most vital of all resources.
– The most vital of these was the 6 April Youth Movement which appeared in 2008 as a Facebook group.
– Her songs are the most vital of her artistic creations, beautiful in the language and with strikingly original music.
– In other words, in the act of construction of new muscles, it is vital of burning calories which can result from fat.
– Prayer and intercession is the most vital of all ministries in global mission to undergird every service and ministry.
– The third big category — and perhaps the most vital of all — is stored water, which our friend already has under control.