Prepositions after stranded

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

stranded in

– In any case, I got stranded in Ikea.
– More Stranded in 1955, Marty (Michael J.
– Cows and goats get stranded in it and die.
– And since I was already here, I’ve got stranded in my hotel room for these few days.
– Instead, their proposals are turned down and the victims remain stranded in the city.
– I ended up stranded in pole dance land with the short stride that high heels give you.
– Hundreds of passengers were left stranded in northern Spain after their plane was diverted to a different airport.
– I remember the boat incident where we got stranded in the middle of the sea because the motorboat ran out of fuel.
– Whole communities, urban and rural, have been left stranded in distress and despair, through no fault of their own.
– Now, I mentioned in my last post that the Stranded in Oz stall was totes my fave, and so is the yarn I bought there.

stranded on

– Got ta keep from gettin ‘ stranded on the flats.
– No-Fly List, leaving him stranded on the island.
– Any Vancouver residents were stranded on the island.
– Almost 30 whales became stranded on the beaches near Anstruther and Pittenweem in Fife.
– If you see these floating in the water or stranded on the beach it is wiser not to go in.
– One girl was left stranded on a street corner, and no one seemed to be concerned about it.
– You play as a young schoolboy who gets stranded on a remote old planet where a unique and eccentric journey begins.
– Except, I’d stranded on an island and from the living room window there are absolutely no ferries coming and going.
– The plot is simple, centralizing on how one girl survives being stranded on a deserted island with five celebrities.
– But the library’s been shut down and Israel ends up stranded on the North Antrim coast driving an old mobile library.

stranded at

– Pi and Richard Parker at stranded at sea for almost 8 months.
– Austell bay, the other stranded at Boat Cove, Perranuthnoe, near St.
– We got stranded at Nalian Bazar with a broken engine before it was noon.
Stranded at the water’s edge, the mountain became known as Mauao (‘ caught at dawn ‘).
– Every passing day, large number of commuters were seen stranded at different bus-stops in Lagos.
– Otherwise in 2015 RSPO is going to be left stranded at the altar with nothing but a bouquet full of.
– A juvenile loggerhead found stranded at low tide on the rocky side of Town Creek in Beaufort, North Carolina, USA.
– The yellow light is my cue to hurry the fuck up so I don’t get stranded at the red light with all the other assholes.
– Vehicles remained stranded at several points of the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway due to makeshift roadside cattle markets.
– I wanted to find an answer for her and all the people like her who find themselves lost or stranded at cultural sites.

stranded with

– Meanwhile the Juke was left stranded with St.
– He left me stranded with no money and I needed help.
– Some small animals had gotten stranded with the seaweed too.
– Getting stranded with wife &; kid(s) because racecar, won’t go over well with them.
– They don’t give me any assistance yet they know that I am stranded with the children.
– South Africa were left stranded with five seamers and not even a part-time spin bowler.
– Well the car is bought I have had enough of your TURTLE transit that takes my money will leave me stranded with no refund.
– I’d still healing from a terrible finger infection but a cold decides to strike so now I’d stranded with a really bad throat.
– Then a cruise ship, stranded with six hundred people in the frozen wastes of the Antarctic, could be his chance to fight back.
– Her husband leaves her stranded with three preschool kids, a broken van and her full time job to go off on a ‘ spirit quest ‘.

stranded by

– It is easy to get stranded by the tide.
– Once again I have been left stranded by false information on television.
– He said he was prepared to sleep at the coffee shop if he became stranded by the storm.
– Rescuers used a bulldozer to retrieve five other people who became stranded by the creek.
– Thus they will also gain the confidence that it will not break down very often and leave them stranded by the way side.
– But migrant workers being left stranded by their employers or their governments are not a new phenomenon in the Arab world.
– Rescuers in boats and trucks plucked a handful of people who became stranded by floodwaters in thinly populated areas of southeast Louisiana.
– Many fellow students, along with me, were left stranded by the driver very far away from home (even though it was his duty to drop us at our homes).
– While Hicks ‘ particular ordeal may seem unprecedented, it is not the first time that a law-abiding citizen has been left stranded by the no-fly list.
– Ying-Shu Hsu claimed that Ms Deng would frequently lose her temper with staff and once threw a nanny out of her car, leaving her stranded by the roadside.

stranded for

– I’d going to be bored and stranded for a week.
– In the Whirlpool, Soucek became stranded for three hours.
– I have to catch the Suceava train at 1825 from Leorda station or I? m stranded for the night.
– It’s been long, far too long, but in my defense, Hurricane Sandy left me stranded for the past two weeks.
– Rod, Andy and I are left stranded for another few hours strung out on guitar solos and alcohol withdrawal.
– More than 10 points in transit to Macau back to Zhuhai, until around 18:00, stranded for eight hours in Macau.
– Once in Norwegian I took harmful ferryboat and wound up stranded for the weekend relating to the small island of Fitjar.
– The water-logging in the main thoroughfares disrupts normal life with vehicles and pedestrians getting stranded for hours.
– Shipwrecked, and stranded for months, he began to study the Nupe language and surveyed openings to the Nupe and Hausa peoples.
– I got stranded for 11 hours at Newark Airport a while back and the people at Continental / United were rude, abusive, and threatening.

stranded without

– The peace mission was left stranded without even their baggage.
– The centre three battled well but were left stranded without flank support.
Stranded without papers, Nasseri was a stateless refugee from Iran, unwanted by any nation.
– Leaving me stranded without water was like leaving me on a lone deserted island on the Caribbean.
– The terrain of Demaraland is beautiful but it is definitely not a place you would want to get stranded without supplies.
– Train services stopped at Kilinochchi and passengers were stranded without a bus service to complete the rest of the journey.
– In at least eight such cases, journalists remain stranded without legal recognition in several countries in South and South East Asia.
– Moreover, the powerful 8,200 mAh battery ensures you won’t be left stranded without power in the middle of your commute, work or lecture.
– The destitute and unwanted inundate the country, stranded without homes or a means of livelihood, thanks to the crimes of the politicians.
– So, here’s a student who wanted to become a medical doctor and is often left stranded without a backup career in mind-didn’t think he needed one.

stranded after

– You may stranded after loosing your wallet or purse, especially in a foreign city.
– One of the kid showing off his masterpiece =D Some of the Piggy banks made by the kids! Cow left stranded after the kids left.
– Newly-engaged couple Brad and Janet get stranded after the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and end up at the residence of Dr.
– As the working week draws to a close, Penn is buzzing with passengers from all over America and beyond, some of whom were left stranded after Sandy hit.
– Marketers are left stranded after sending out thousands of messages to people they see as potential About Iliana Lola is a full time internet marketer and writer and the owner of Ilianalola.

stranded as

– Thousands of Kenyans who depend on public transport were Monday morning left stranded as the strike by Matatu operators entered the fifth day.

stranded between

– At times, it feels stranded between both.
Stranded between two worlds in which acceptance was off-limits, she was forced to learn what loneliness meant.
– Meanwhile, Malaysia remains stranded between two worlds: between the old dying world and the new one waiting impatiently to be born.
– As a result Malaysia now stood, and still stands, stranded between the collapse of the second and the fervently awaited arrival, the effective production, of the third.
– Unfortunately the third-placed Porsche 911 of Steven Funk passed the first river crossing only to find a flash flood in a second river, leaving them stranded between the two until the water subsided.

stranded during

– Double-stranded DNA normally becomes temporarily single stranded during DNA replication and RNA synthesis.

stranded like

– Hence, your de facto stranded like everybody else.
– All she wants is not to be left stranded like single like a pale ghost while the Ferris wheel of life spins furiously.

stranded of

– So now Im a bit stranded of how to overcome that, as I do nt really know what the first European border Im crossing want me to have.