Prepositions after sanguine

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

sanguine about

– Coe is fairly sanguine about it.
– I am not sanguine about all of Mr.
– I am less sanguine about antimatter.
– But they can see Renesmee now, so they are perfectly sanguine about their course.
– I am far less sanguine about their ability to agree on something that will stick.
– However, they are less sanguine about the period of the judges than is Mendenhall.
– Similarly, I am not sanguine about the future of even proprietary generation systems, like Gooogle is building.
– Fourth, the government seems sanguine about the standards of education and infrastructure in government schools.
– Not all Vermonters are too sanguine about the national Democratic Party either, but they are less upset about it.
– She seemed remarkably certain and sanguine about her choice, although I couldn’t help sensing some loneliness too.

sanguine in

– We can’t be sanguine in the face of that.
– Next is the Peacock (the sanguine in psychology).
– Men of cool reflection are not so sanguine in their praises of it.
– I was, I own, sanguine in my expectations of the success of this work.
– As for Promzy, she is sanguine in inclusion, sanguine in affection and perhaps sanguine in control.
– When we understand how things have come to be as they are, we can be more sanguine in seeking solutions.
– Pavan is pumped and excited, Fleetwood — whose card was always secure — is a little more sanguine in defeat than he might otherwise have been.
– I suspect the ardent capitalist subset of the decrimmers, profiting like a status quo mo fo, to be somewhat sanguine in their crackdown protestations.
– You have to be sanguine in this regard and get advantage of the particular lodge with the matching airline organization flights to avail price cut gives.
– And others again I have heard so sanguine in their admiration as to extol for proofs of elevated genius what the commonest abilities were capable of executing.

sanguine of

– The more sanguine of City fans welcome the draw and the inevitable challenge ahead with open arms.
– Many of the most sanguine of these adventurers returned to their native shores in a worse condition than when they left them.
– Yet even this most sanguine of green thumbs sometimes feels her confidence ebb towards the end of a long, hard Central Otago winter.

sanguine on

– So, I’d not buying that EVERYBODY in the Romney campaign was so sanguine on Election day.
– If I am sanguine on this point, it is because of a conviction that men and nations do behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives.
– He takes the challenges to Google News seriously — he just returned from talks with President Franois Hollande of France — but he sounded sanguine on a phone call from Chicago.

sanguine for

– I become sanguine for a moment.
– On that point, Kahane is sanguine for now.
– Credit to Sanguine for Sanguine’s Hero Maker Credit to NoThInG for the Template Credit to Hive Workshop’s 67chrome for the hero icon.

sanguine as

– But the law makers and enforcers seem helpless as these companies are heavy enough to prove in courts that their claims are real, genuine and sanguine as the ‘ Zero Loss ‘ claim in 2G and Coal-gate.

sanguine over

– Can you blame them? I’d not so sanguine over Amazon’s good intentions.

sanguine to

– It may be my temperament, I’d often on a swing from sanguine to melancholic, or my experience, I arrived in Hanmer Springs wearing winter boots on a hot February afternoon.

sanguine with

– I am less sanguine with the calls for his firing and his ouster from society.