Prepositions after ready

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

ready for

Ready for the Rest of her Life.
– Tuesday, ready for the printer.
– But get ready for the march to.
– This royal beauty is ready to set it off! Ready for the destruction of song and sound.
– And Iran, we respectfully suggest, is not yet ready for the force that drives the sun.
Ready for the next big shock: – only STRONG people are at risk of developing depression.
– Mr Vegas, Tim Westwood, Konshens Ready for more, at 4AM Mr Vegas was escorted to a packed Club Mingles in the Bronx.
– Why not? Oh, yeah, you might look like a fool? Really? Or maybe you’re not ready? Ready for what? There’s no excuse.
– As if we need to tell you, a few tantalising post-credits seconds reveal a guest star who’s ready for the sequel(s).
– We stripped down to get ready for bed, but instead of falling asleep, we had the most epic sex we’d ever had to date.

ready to

– But they are not ready to that.
– But I feel I?? m ready to play.
– He has his proof ready to hand.
– Our scout team and our coaches did a tremendous job getting lined up and ready to roll.
– Our generals are always ready to stage a coup but they always get failed winning a War.
– Q &A:; Are we ready to have a baby? I love seeing everyones posts knowing Im not alone.
– We have more musicians in the wings ready to complete the line up when our singer is in place, drummer, keys etc etc.
– City could be ready to part ways with the controversial striker after dropping him for Sunday’s clash with Tottenham.
– Q &A:; Are we ready to have a baby? My husband and I have been together for almost 4 1/2 years, married for 5 months.
– Are we ready? Is for hopefully soon-to-be parents?? Q &A:; Are we ready to have a baby? We are ready to have children.

ready in

– Lunch will be ready in a while.
– Then you MIGHT be ready in time.
– Got my nails ready in theme too.
– For the Keyboard Players Make sure the keyboardist has the patches all ready in advance.
– Make sure that you have a plan for every moment, including getting ready in the morning.
– During that time, sports already in the market were mainly ones made by German companies.
– And there they are again, UN’s FEMA already in place and with an expectation of hundreds of thousands dead this time.
– The park’s chief ‘ escape ‘ officer Sim Choo Kheng said the hotel is expected to be ready in about four years ‘ time.
– Deletion A couple of weeks ago, I was getting myself ready in the morning and noticed that the bed had not been made.
– I went to get ready in the bedroom – now I know its October, it was raining but I never knew inside could be so cold.

ready at

– I have a cab ready at the door.
– We should be ready at all times.
– Granted I don’t get ready at a gym.
– Even though the couple want to have child(ren), both have to be ready at the same time.
– There is always someone posted by the button panel, fingers poised, ready at the quick.
– Totally love your idea of having all the stuff ready at the door and dishes in the oven.
– Making my total upgrade price around $160 to make this system game ready at a very decent level for some light gaming.
– Buglers of the local volunteer Fire Brigade arrive and stand ready at the eastern entrance of the Menin Gate Memorial.
– Industry Canada Investment Review Branch officials are ready at all times to meet with investors for such discussions.
– This method will avoid the need to push thousands of people into litigation for which they are not ready at the moment.

ready by

– He should be ready by next year.
– He said he wouldn’t be ready by then.
– The 29-seater is ready by late summer.
– He was however quick to add that the results will be ready by next week: Smith, I’d Mr.
– You can test it is ready by taking off the heat then pouring a few drops onto a saucer.
– With Josie and Ollie, I can say be ready by such a time and they will be, more or less.
– They were all busy people, but they obliged and we had what seemed to me an excellent draft ready by the end of 2009.
– Kenya’s political parties will have to have their list of candidates for internal primary elections ready by January.
– The team could wait until Arroyo is gone to move Chapman into the rotation, but stud prospects will be ready by then.
– Some bananas are expected to be ready by September and will complement other fruits which are bought from the market.

ready with

– Nobody is ready with the truth.
– And I’d ready with a goddamned.
– Beware and be ready with a plan.
– Billy Renee and Denise, always ready with a new idea of how to help the shelter dogs.
– The people now were ready with the task of seeing to the education of their children.
– Mr Bell, the first item, stood ready with his music but the accompanist made no sign.
– Joe, as opposed to the traditionally laconic Southwestern lawmen, is pretty chatty, and always ready with a zinger.
– Samsung Galaxy S3 A sequel to a brilliant phone Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung is ready with its new launch, Galaxy S3.
– With a few young players to bolster the squad for an early european campain we would be ready with these additions.
– So get ready with the macs and wellies just in case the weather turns to that, that makes ducks happy but hold out.

ready on

– If WP8, indeed, was ready on Sep.
– Corrections officer: Ready on 108.
– We are almost ready on the inside.
– He spoke in Bain board room-ready bullet points, and had zingers ready on his tongue tip.
– Lay out your gear the night before so you are not rushing to get it ready on race morning.
– After repeated delays RICON/CCFB declared that the work was ready on 31 January this year.
– Available in a variety of unisex designs, you need to ensure you’re looking Crimbo ready on the run up to the big day.
– Arsema’s visa will be ready on Wednesday and we fly out Wednesday night and arrive home again next Thursday afternoon.
– He’ll be ready today, he’ll be ready on day one, he’ll be ready in a year from now, five years from now — he is ready.
– Initial impressions were very good, rooms ready on time, nice clean rooms, plenty of complementary goodies in the room.