Prepositions after optimistic

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

optimistic about

– We can be optimistic about that.
– Asia, I am more optimistic about.
– I am optimistic about the future.
– Eagan Mayor Mike Maguire is cautiously optimistic about the influx of new jobs.
– Sounding optimistic about the pharma sector, Kher said the sector will be able.
– Lu – you have a lot to be optimistic about and I am sure you will have success.
– American officials were overly optimistic about the invasion’s success, especially given how underprepared U.
– In May, analysts optimistic about the same time, also want to see, there are many professionals do not speak.
– The harmony that exists among the players has also caused us to be optimistic about the result of this match.
– Needless to say, coming back to the Test squad is a thing to be cherished and be optimistic about for Januaid.

optimistic for

– Too optimistic for my own good.
– I’d optimistic for the long term.
– But, I’d staying optimistic for now.
– I am really optimistic for the immediate future, as well as 5 years down the line.
– When I thought about Emerson first, I thought Emerson is too optimistic for Hopper.
– We have a lot of room for improvement technically so I am optimistic for the future.
– If people can continue finding new ways to twist the groove like this then I’d pretty optimistic for next year.
– Lynn Worthy of the Binghamton Press-Connects does not, and is very optimistic for UMBC after talking to Thomas.
– Everyone in the nation is cautiously optimistic for that, with a match against Indonesia still in the beckoning.
– I feel a repeat of the FIA of 2006-9 is on the cards, and just when we could be optimistic for some consistency.

optimistic in

– Stay optimistic in every situation.
– Very optimistic in some aspects though.
– But I’d very optimistic in this regard.
– Act with confidence, hop and assurance: Be positive and optimistic in your outlook.
– This gives us reason to be optimistic in the race tomorrow when we should be on the.
– In short, he helped me stay sane and optimistic in spite of the protracted review time.
– I wonder if you’ll be so widely optimistic in a few months time? I’d not so worried about a surfeit of bad news.
– Was Grosjean optimistic in moving over to the right as much as he did? Maybe, but it certainly wasn’t unheard off.
– God Bless you I think it is overly optimistic in the extreme to think that Romney will pull 12% of the black vote.
– The orchestral writing is busy and the choral lines are optimistic in tone: this is a very strong and positive start.

optimistic of

– I was the most optimistic of them all.
– Well again, that’s very optimistic of you.
– On if they are optimistic of a playoff run.
– How optimistic of you! Those who reject the results of a border poll are rejecting.
– However, she is optimistic of remaining competitive with the assistance of Goddard.
– I’d not optimistic of getting my order tomorrow either after reading other reviews.
– Some traders who spoke to Citi Business were very optimistic of earning enough revenue at the end of the launch.
– Sood adds that he is optimistic of policy initiatives and enhancement of the economic environment by the government.
– On the other hand, Leslie-Ann McDowell, a second-year student, was optimistic of Holness’s chances as prime minister.
– In times past, Buffett has always tried to paint as optimistic of a picture as he could, with also stating true facts.

optimistic on

– Perpetually optimistic on Africa.
– I am not optimistic on that theory.
– Therefore, I am less optimistic on that.
– I’d not optimistic on much when it comes to politics, so please, let me have this.
– With all these factors clubbed together, we are not very optimistic on the market.
– I’d sure you are very optimistic on both proton and k cars development and sales no.
– Perhaps I’d a little too optimistic on Jenkins but really my expectations aren’t very high at all at this point.
– We thought that the race might be canceled but were very optimistic on Friday morning that the race was still on.
– However its latest monthly oil market report is rather more optimistic on 2010; the demand forecast was upgraded from 1.
– Considering the fact that the US DOLLAR index shows bearish charts in the near term, we are optimistic on metal counters.

optimistic at

– I’d cautiously optimistic at this point.
– Sure makes it hard to be optimistic at times.
– People are inherently optimistic at the start.
– I’d cautiously optimistic at this point, although I’d also prepared for the worst.
– Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) was formerly optimistic at the beginning of 2012.
– Therefore, remain optimistic at all times, especially when things are not going your way.
– Having seen the South in action I was not as optimistic at the March as many were; but we allowed ourselves to hope.
– Although China ‘ s education system has made good progress in recent years, we can’t afford to be optimistic at this point.
– McEwan also points out that for many commercial farmers the estimates may be a little optimistic at very high birth rank levels.
– I do no programming, but am heartbroken and optimistic at the same time at state of consumption versus creation in the sleeping culture today.

optimistic with

– Very optimistic with this attorney.
– And I’am not very optimistic with the JV yet.
– And I think you could be optimistic with your year.
– In general Chinese consumers are very optimistic with a high consumer confidence.
– The figures for the world’s major economies are now cautiously optimistic with a 2.
– However, farmers are optimistic with their traditional knowledge of rice production.
– Blame lack of willpower on my part if you must, but I think that Philbin is being too optimistic with her claim.
– Owner in Northern Ireland are the least optimistic with just 53% expecting property prices to rise by March next year.
– The results illustrated that those who expressed gratitude tended to feel more satisfied and optimistic with their lives.
– I speak for Shell and we are quite optimistic with the new administration and the policies that will make investment more conducive.

optimistic after

– But we’re a little more optimistic after today.
– We are very optimistic after our today match but.
– I’d not optimistic after reading your great piece.
– Defeats I can take, and remain optimistic after; but this has been unnecessary.
– I think we are all disappointed because we were very optimistic after the Diaby liver-poo showing.
– United will be looking to beat my old club QPR, who will be optimistic after a good win last week.
– As much as we were optimistic after the Udinese game, a top class team like Manchester United were always likely to beat us.
– I’d cautiously optimistic after the last awful flick; perhaps I’ll watch Casino Royale before I check it out, but probably not.
– I have just noticed (bear with me, I drunk) Your new (I am hoping/guessing) strapline! Indeed, we should deffo be more optimistic after a defeat man.
– As for quality, Gabriel Vialard, the technical director of Chteau Haut-Bailly — near Lognan, south of the city — was cautiously optimistic after two fine months.

optimistic as

– As we enter a new year, let us be hopeful and optimistic as a people.
– Personally I do not feel optimistic as to the results of this Conference.
– Others grow weaker and less optimistic as the experiences of life accumulate.
– Heroism for companies at an early stage is usually optimistic as well as improbable.
– That, if anything, is optimistic as well as it is realistic and philosophically sound.
– The Belgian firm’s expert said he was very optimistic as to the prospects of success of the project.
– You’ll notice their brand identity and resulting communications are bright, colourful and optimistic as a result.
– Summing up The expectation of a balance of payments surplus this year is optimistic as the trade deficit is likely to be large.
– I don’t want to be overly optimistic as to whether this indicates a shift in American policy as it’s too early to know for sure.
– Sad as it might be to admit, that’s improvement, and while it’s hard to feel optimistic as a Kansas football fan, there’s no reason.

optimistic by

– He is optimistic by temperament.
– Humans are optimistic by nature.
– You can be optimistic by being pragamtic.
– Indeed, his views, which sound pessimistic, are considered optimistic by Chinese standards.
– The Northern Ireland fans are enthusiastic and optimistic by nature, which is just as well.
– A I am optimistic by the level of confidence the chain of banks has placed in the Bahamian economy.
– I am optimistic by nature, but I confidently predict that a similar phenomenon will occur with regards to Perry.
– Of course, Casey is optimistic by nature, a trait which has allowed him to spot potential and seize on it before others.
– The only way to enforce such a law would be to create a society that would make Orwell’s 1984 seem optimistic by comparison.
– In that perspective, Christians are overly optimistic by asserting that redemption is already underway since the coming of Christ.

optimistic over

– Uy stresses that he remains optimistic over the prospects of the tourism industry.
– Since making the offer, both sides have remained cautiously optimistic over the deal.
– Like Ha-Joon Chang, I am pessimistic in the short term but optimistic over the longer term.
– We are cautiously optimistic over the plans to upgrade several international airports such as Panglao and Laguindingan.
– According to the BBC, Suu Kyi has cautioned India against being too optimistic over the recent political changes in Burma.
– Discussing a potential future lawsuit against cell phone companies, Levis seemed very optimistic over the future of the ruling.
– As you say, you’ll underestimate the time you have available and be overly optimistic over how quickly you can get things done.
– Draghi’s statements come at a time when investors appear to finally be optimistic over the future course of the European economy.
– Rangarajan appeared to be on the same page and sounded more optimistic over a steady improvement during the rest of the fiscal year.
– Despite their concerns, 88 per cent of the respondents who were all voters were optimistic over a good or very good future for the country.

optimistic to

– Sarris was optimistic to the end.
– Those figures look optimistic to me.
– Prediction: 2-0 W Optimistic to some, no doubt.
– That sounds fairly optimistic to me, but Argentina have never won in this fair city.
– I don’t doubt these problems will be overcome but 20 years seems way too optimistic to me.
– So you can see why I go from optimistic to devastated – back and forth and back and forth.
– What’s more, even the MPC’s downgraded growth forecasts still look optimistic to us — we expect zero growth next year.
– Their asking price was about market rate for the building, which seemed pretty optimistic to me given the state it was in.
– Finally, Germany relies on nuclear reactors for 23% of its power, and 2022 is awfully optimistic to ramp up alternative (i.
– For soybean, the IGC was optimistic to soybean production, raising their world production estimate by 8m tones to 264m tones.