Prepositions after native

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

native of

– Simone, a native of London, Ont.
– Although I’d not a native of the.
– A native of New York, he lives in.
– He is a native of every clime — a messenger of heaven to every corner of this Planet.
– It would have been tricky for a native of the community, even more so for an outsider.
– An epithet for Buddhist monks, the Buddha having been a native of the Sakyan Republic.
– Upon confidential recommendation by an intimate friend, Anne, a retired nurse and native of the island was employed.
– A a native of the district of Leicsterfield, Clarendon, Dr Reid lived with his mother Ivy Lewinson, and two sisters.
– Shane Sutton, likewise, is a native of New South Wales but now forges a reputation as the mentor of Bradley Wiggins.
– Roscommon – Of James MORAN, a native of county Roscommon, Ireland, who came to this country from Manchester England.

native to

– Are mink native to Ireland? No.
– The native to weed ratio is 9:1.
– All of the species are native to.
– Some of the insects on the body may be native to the first habitat and not the second.
– Marmots are not native to this region, but live in higher elevations, above 6000 feet.
– Elephants on Sulu, never considered native to the island, were hunted out in the 1800s.
– Sometimes when I talk about finding plants that are native to Nebraska, Larry points out to me that I am not native.
– The plantings include species, native to Oman and other Gulf regions, that grow and flourish in an arid environment.
– These pigs are very rare, native to the Iberian peninsula in South West Spain and only available in limited numbers.
– If a legume species has not been grown in a particular place for several decades or it is not native to the area (e.

native in

– My two girls are not Native in the government’s eyes.
– The Native in an attractive location on Gloucester Avenue.
– The voice call and chat windows felt far more native in 2.
– The result is a portrait of some African and Caribbean native in the English landscape.
– Then he passed it to the native in front, who gladly took it and started chewing on it.
– I am not native in any way, and often am unhappy with a lot of the stories that come out.
– I would advise against that (tattoos in foreign languages that neither you or the tattoo artist is native in) as well.
– Read More This book deals with the realities of what it means to have grown up as a digital native in the 21st century.
– Gambir Sarawak also is used as anaesthetic for ears piercing to relief pain by the local native in the inland of Sarawak.
– About a half mile off-shore, the native in the front of the boat started shouting and pointing to the water under the boat.

native for

– Taylor Lautner better not get cast, Peter is not native for christ sakes.
– New Forms Of Communication I’ve been a digital native for as long as I can remember.
– Next time you come to London, try asking a native for directions to Leicester Square, Streatham or even the River Thames.
– Interesting examples! I’ve actually been debating between going with something like AIR, Xamarin Mono, or native for each platform.
– This blog is devoted to calling out those who might think that it is fun to dress like a native for a photo-shoot, or what have you.
– Thank you DBSJ and Native for your respectively one lined and detailed answers to this GREAT BUDHIST SON who belongs to 75% BUDHIST MAJORITY.
– One of the juniors needed to read Thomas Hardy’s The Return of the Native for his English class and asked whether I’d like to read aloud to him.
– To date our apps have been specifically tailored to the leading mobile platforms: iPhone, Blackberry and Android and we released a native for iPad at the end of last year.
– IDB President, Luis Alberto Moreno, commended the Jamaican native for her outstanding project work, during a brief ceremony held at the Bank’s headquarters in Washington, D.

native from

– No native from Bearn of this time would.
– Jackson who is a native from the garden parish of St.
– Darsin silva a native from ambalangoda? There was Dr W.
– Beside, I was showing around the goods around Quebec to Simon Roy, native from Gaspesia.
– As a native from San Francisco, I wish you and your family weekend in this beautiful city.
– U r truly lucky to live in a place like that close to nature Surbhi Di, I am native from pb.
– Narain, obviously a very busy week so far for you so far, a very busy weekend coming up as the native from the host country.
– Pecans are native from Michigan to Mexico and yield well in warmer cold temperate regions as well as some subtropical areas.
– Cheers Lesley hi! my name is gianpaolo and i’d native from sorrento but resident in the cute scalea riviera since many years.
– It frees the native from his inferiority complex and from his despair inaction; it makes him fearless and restores his self respect.

native on

– DH is usually mistaken for a native on Spain, Italy, France.
– Pierre caught a kick and was able to dump the Albuquerque native on his back again.
– The Venture Brothers is also the second best show created by a New Jersey native on TV.
– And QR code readers have to be downloaded whereas NFC is already native on many smartphones.
– You know the story: A green monkey bit a native on the ass and, bam? AIDS all over central Africa.
– I would think the odds on a earth microbe out competing a Mars native on Mars would be close to nil.
– A native on board Marsden’s vessel had a plate of rice, a spoon, and a pot of tea placed before him.
– I tried compiling it native on Windows 7, then cross compiling from Linux, then back to native again.
– Going one step further, it even lets you build web applications that look and feel native on any device.
– If like me your blood is part native on your mother’s side and your heart is walking the red road, we will not be driven into the shadows.

native with

– Eric is a Vancouver native with a lifelong passion for food and wine.
– Andrew Freeman is a California native with a degree in history from UCLA.
– He is an American, she a French native with a daughter from another relationship.
– Admittedly I had a native with me for most of my travels so they knew what was good.
– He has a lot in common with Zhou, a Hunan native with an undergraduate degree in law.
– It improves financial conditions and blesses the native with comforts and peace of mind.
– We had previously sent an Urewera native with page 184 a message to Te Makarini, the chief who had surrendered to Mr.
– Instead of being using the software that comes native with your modem, you now have to use a phone to update your bundles.
– A few months ago when Facebook admitted defeat and went native with its iOS app, some thought it was a death-knell for HTML5.
– Mew, a Bloomsbury native with a family history of mental illness, went into a severe depression following the death of her sister.