Prepositions after major

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

major in

– Why do you want to major in?
– My uncle is a major in the army.
– In short, he is a major insider.
– I saw a major in the 3rd regiment take out his pistol and blow off the top of his head.
– He was commissioned with the rank of major in the Boer army and given Boer citizenship.
– He added that some of those teaching History, at present, did not major in the subject.
– Students are able to major in one of the following specialisations: Marine Aquaculture or Ocean &; Subsea Structures.
– Certainly not McIlroy, who already has a major in his pocket and a short game that rivals that of Woods in his prime.
– Tipsarevic, meanwhile, achieved his best result at a major in New York 12 months ago when he made the quarter-finals.
– He graduated from the University of Houston in 2001 with a major in business finance and a minor in creative writing.

major for

– But nothing major for us to cling to.
– Stop having an elected major for London.
– This is major for us; more on this later.
– I’d a 19 year old college freshman and I’d not sure if I chose the right major for me.
– Note: If you are taking this major for a BA or BSc you must also include the BCom core.
– You will need to study psychology, obviously, as the major for your undergraduate degree.
– I had planned on med school all along, and switched from my initial chemistry pre-med major for a number of reasons.
– At some point Windows 7 Keygen, computer people ought to benefit from your CD AND DVD major for variety of functions.
– Treatment See: Depression – major for more information about medications and other therapies used to treat depression.
– An Infiniti Q45 retailed at about 45k at the time and that was major for even the biggest rapper in the game at the time.

major with

– I am an accounting major with a 4.
– However, I’d a double major with Math.
– Truth is, I rarely share my major with people.
– Now four months later, I can take another class for my major with the same instructor.
– I’d also in a major with a bunch of dudes, and I’d a little better at it than they are.
– There may be Canadian Goose down which is in the major with the line luxury comforters.
– Last year, Bradley became the first player to win a major with a putter anchored on his midriff at the PGA Championship.
– Last year, Bradley became the first player to win a Major with a putter anchored on his midriff at the PGA Championship.
– Students may do a double major with both majors in Science, or your first major in Science and your second major in Arts.
– We enjoyed dinner that night at the home of a Major with the National Guard and his guests, who were virtually all Democrats.

major at

– Fulfilled the requirements of one major at B.
– Her major at the school of the arts was theater.
– He retired as a Major at the time of Indian partition.
– You may have chosen your major at this point but you are most certainly not locked into it.
– Elli Whiteway, 21, a senior Christian ethics major at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn.
– This blog was contributed by Nicole Spears, a junior Strategic Communications major at the E.
– I think you should be proud to be a Media Studies major at VUW, I know I am! I’d also like to make an observation re.
– When you changed your major at the last minute, where did you land? Computer science, with minors in Japanese and math.
– Xu’s major at Tianjin University, which has nurtured many of the country’s watchmakers, was cancelled in the early 1990s.
– I just graduated from university at age 44 but with 7 years experience in other areas apart from my major at the university.

major on

– Don’t major on your weaknesses.
– None of them are considered major on a national scale.
– I think it’s best to start with, and major on, fundamentals.
– Some folks major on the minors — mostly because they think they are majors, not minors.
– However, in the first season, he states he only picked paleontology as his major on a dare.
– SLAPSHOTS: W Kyle Hope is suspended indefinitely after his head checking major on Wednesday.
– Neither are anti-theological churches that major on Christian experience and piety disconnected from doctrinal content.
– LC: I’ll check there to see where our readers can see you or hear you and we’ll announce anything major on Transition Voice.
– He was promoted to the rank of lieutenant on January 6, 1983; captain on January 6, 1987; and made major on January 6, 1994.
– The 37-year-old is a three-time winner of the event, including one victory after it became a major on the LPGA Tour in 2001.

major to

– It’s like a Major to most of us Indians.
– That moment was major to me, both for Drake and for my city.
– The next day, he said, he changed his major to religious studies.
– I have begun showing an interest in programming and changed my major to Computer Science.
– All in all it has been a productive trip since I was able to accomplish the major to dos.
– Even after I changed my major to audio, I still was very into exercising and eating right.
– Ending up changing my major to mathematics before I even started, then 6 months in changed to agricultural economics.
– I struggle to see what Westwood has done to not be high in everyone’s regard other than not have a major to his name.
– Besides, he’s won so many awards and he knows that adding one or two more will not add anything major to his portfolio.
– It gave him opportunity to humiliate, taunt and disparage John major to the cheers of labour party members of parliament.

major from

– Brandon Bark is a classics major from Baton Rouge.
– He changed his major from journalism to philosophy.
– I don’t think there’s going to be anything major from this.
– It sounds like you learned something major from this breakup that will help you in the future.
– One can also usefully (if often somewhat arbitrarily) distinguish major from minor characters.
– MIKE WISNIEWSKI is a senior classical studies major from Philadelphia and is Sports Editor of The.
– I am a senior secondary social studies major from Northeast Arkansas, a long way from either the Beltway or Hollywood.
– That major from the medical corps who wrote the letter was probably not on the sidelines with a bag of physio supplies.
– Ninja then set up Curly for another powerjam as she drew a major from Lawless after a long tustle with the Glasgow jammer.
– The major from the Ministry of Defence, the Wounded Personnel Liaison Officer, had been fair but firm during his recent visit.

major of

– Three years later Macquarie was appointed major of brigade.
– The most major of these for me was having some issues with time management.
– I really don’t see it as major of an advantage of some people make it out to be either.
– I am second year student of Business Administration, Accounting is major of my Bachelor degree.
– As major of countries and Somalia music is related on the folklore or better said on the folk music.
– At the incredibly major of the listing is the Canada Goose Expedition Parka (mens and womens available).
– A cigarette contains more then 7,000 chemicals in it, Nicotine is one and major of them that is addictive too.
– What’s more, the Huns weren’t as major of a problem for Qin Shi Huang during his reign, but became a major problem for Liu Bang.
– To think he won’t be going to anything is just a load of PR gumf, as a digintary (as major of London) he will have plenty of opportunity.
– So he strips a dead major of his jacket and cap, and now, apparently a senior officer, with the right badges and red tabs, men will obey him.

major plus

– And that is a major plus point.
– I am sure that was the major plus point.
– Besides, his military career is a major plus IMO.
– Maintaining good records is another major plus that comes from using a small business debit card.
– W e like Dua Residency a lot, and it occupies quieter part of the KLCC enclave which is a major plus.
– The event hall also had bowls of mints strewn across the tables, which was a major plus — I love mints.
– This will not usually be deserving of a Major plus a Game Misconduct because the intent was not to contact the head.
– A common theme in all the dishes we tried was the impecibally cooked white rice, a major plus point in this dish also.
– The major plus here is that it was designed in collaboration with TomTom, whose built-in GPS technology tracks run data.
– As for time zones and schedule constraints, a major plus point is that participation does not require a normal 9-to-5 job.

major after

– Palmer never won another major after the ager of 35.
– Not everyone follows their major after school, in fact some say that 90% don’t.
– Most of these needs to have regular checks to avoid anything major after every 25,000 miles.
– Eriven was shocked to learn that she would have to change her major after the system flagged her.
– The present Potala palace was re-built major after 17 century, particular during Dalai Lama V period.
– After a Hamilton single, Calgary scored another major after assembling a 75 yard drive and capping it with a four-yard TD pass from Glenn to Jon Cornish.
– And perhaps fewer will waste time taking courses that won’t count towards a degree requirement if a student decides to change their major after their first year.
– During WWII, Arthur Lowe served as a Sergeant Major and John Le Mesurier a Captain, while director/producer David Croft rose to the rank of major after joining the Royal Artillery in 1942.

major as

– It has found its role in almost all of the major as well as small niches.
– The capital is Berlin while German is the major as well as official language.
– When we gave dinner parties for his friends, he hired a former major as a cook.
– The IPA is the major as well as the oldest representative organization for phoneticians.
– Thorold touched his cap gravely, to the major as well as to me, and then brought his gray horse alongside.
– I had just turned 50 years old and I was out at The Tradition — my first tournament and major as a senior.
– The Labour council deserves credit for standing up to police resistance to bring in 20mph on major as well as residential roads.
– And this has been highlighted by the sea of heads at regular bus stops now since the okadas started leaving the major as well as the by roads.
– She has a hands-on internship in her major as a freshman! She will graduate with a stellar resume full of academics AND experience — which is essential in this economy.
– If you want to train to do this: whenever you listen to a chord in a tune, recognize the main note, thereafter enjoy equally major as well as minor chords applying that note.

major by

– What’s your major by the way? Finish your studies.
– He faced a major by the brutal feet of oppression.
– In 1863 he was commissioned a Major by Governor Stanford.
– She had been in scrapes before and always managed to avoid anything major by way of punishments.
– You can find out what subjects make up a major by reading Table 1 in the Faculty of Science handbook.
– The Gryphon offence finally gelled on a 13-play, 71-yard drive culminating in a one-yard rushing major by Lindsey.
– McMaster added to its lead early in the third quarter, off a two-yard rushing major by Kasean Davis-Reynolds (Mississauga, Ont.
– I did agree, as I had a gut feeling, nothing more nothing less, that within 2 weeks we would hear something major by 11/16/2012.
– She turned 21 in March and is visiting Hyderabad to attend a party hosted in honour of her turning a major by family friend, Sherry Zaveri.
– I did have a few minor side effects, some nausea to begin with, and an increased shedding of hair (nothing major by any stretch of the imagination).

major like

– That’s a much more likely scenario than a major like Barrick Gold Corp.
– Don’t lie about something major like a degree you don’t possess or experience.
– They acknowledge a few issues but see nothing major like the rest of the world has experienced.
– Some of the recent occurrences are leading to something major like the violence against minorities in 2001.
– I do go to a community college despite the fact that it doesn’t even offer my major like a university would.
– If you’re hot, fun and good in bed whose going to leave you? (Barring some major like alcoholism, drugs etc).
– Nothing major like Hurricane Sandy that last month ripped north from the Caribbean along the eastern seaboard of the US.
– Telling your boyfriend something major like this right after he lost his dad might make his grief more difficult to deal with.
– However if anything major like this happens again, I will be considering the other next gen consoles before I look into buying a PS4.
– For example, if the question is about problem solving, it does not have to be something major like solving global warming in one fell swoop.