Prepositions after exemplar

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

exemplar of

– Zizek is the best exemplar of this today.
– Perhaps the best exemplar of this is Dianora.
– An exemplar of a serious game is America’s Army.
– The Swans are a lesson in redemption, a first-rate exemplar of second chances taken.
– Lafley, the former CEO of Procter &; Gamble, is an exemplar of effective management.
– I mention you because you are the exemplar of wrongness on the 49ers ‘ QB situation.
– The work was an extension and an exemplar of some of Thulin’s theoretical arguments presented in an earlier paper.
– Take a peak at this post by a Trinidadian commentator and you can see an exemplar of Trini opinion on the purchase.
– Who is the current exemplar of a good clutch dosage brings creates luck with the fourth gear, sometimes in the city.
– He was the perfect exemplar of a true believer’s way of life; a perfect model for his followers and for all mankind.

exemplar for

– Muhammad (peace be on him) is an excellent exemplar for us all.
– Kopassus 17 became the pioneer and exemplar for every kind of atrocity.
– He was a paragon of virtue and is the best exemplar for the human race.
– The OERu network is an exemplar for low cost, low risk, but high impact innovation.
– In Chile, the exemplar for privatisation, the fees have been upwards from 15 per cent.
– The Utah native is an exemplar for a new generation less concerned with gender boundaries.
– Alfred was no longer a mirror for princes, but an exemplar for people at all levels of society and, above all, for children.
– Thomas Aquinas, commenting on Psalm 27 said that the divine face had served as an exemplar for creating the soul as the image of God.
– When I was writing an exemplar for a year 2 program I could just look at the specific standards, descriptors and elaborations for year 2.
– This deft touch has created a house that is an exemplar for contemporary residential architecture, simultaneously functional and beautiful.

exemplar in

– Malaysia has been a prime exemplar in the Muslim world.
– Cloke was his exemplar in how to throw his weight around.
– The best exemplar in the last decade is Silvio Berlusconi.
– Everyone is an exemplar in the promotion and practice of sustainability.
– Butler was an exemplar in all three elements, most certainly in his prayer life.
– Exhibiting schools are rightly proud that together they offer the world an exemplar in what is best in education.
– Little wonder, firms like IBM, the $99 billion IT giant, are being viewed as an exemplar in these troubled times.
– Post navigation One Response to MONEY: Why the BND is an important exemplar in the road back to liberty Listened to you on the radio.
– The Prophet’s Marriages The marriages of Muhammad have attracted a great deal of attention because he is held as an exemplar in Islam.
– And for this reason number is the outstanding exemplar in the mind of the Maker, and in things it is the outstanding trace leading to wisdom.

exemplar to

– Ironically, this is the system the US vaunts as exemplar to the world.
– If it had not plunged into a civil war, it could have been an exemplar to the region.
– There are four variations, according to Francisco, in the image of Christ as an exemplar to humanity.
– Dalian now has an opportunity to act as an exemplar to other Chinese cities — emphasising how to move towards greater economic.
– If this Ministry is willing to do that, it will succeed and become an exemplar to other ministries that do three-fifths of nothing except to stand accused for sleaze.
– This act of deconstructing the text serves as an exemplar to the way that hidden meaning is extracted from public statements made by policy makers and opinion formers.