Prepositions after dear

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

dear to

– You are dear to me too Wilfried.
– Such a person is very dear to me.
– Art is dear to the Filipino soul.
– This ad made me cry — remembering those dear to me who lost their fight against cancer.
– Measures that move markets Finally, a message from this report that is dear to my heart.
– She was far too dear to all the members of the family for them to give her up so easily.
– Mainly not to let those especially dear to us to incur unnecessary worries for the kind of risk appetite that we have.
– But are they getting value for money? EPA/Chris Radburn To some, the Queen and her royal family are dear to the heart.
– This is a very basic method to keep your mind programmed and working toward your outcomes that are dear to your heart.
– Now he who exercises his reason and cultivates it seems to be both in the best state of mind and most dear to the gods.

dear in

– Yours faithfully, My Dearest in heart.
– Everything is so much dearer in a town.
– Any I will always hold you dear in my heart.
– I’ve been told I can just ignore insults to the thing I hold the most dear in the world.
– Quite possibly this cost them dear in the election, though the case is by no means proven.
– In reality, however, it is the goods which are cheap in the one case, and dear in the other.
– But I suspect there’s much more we’re going to discover about Sarah Palin and her nearest and dearest in the coming weeks.
– This victory has now got him associated with Bengal, cricket and Kolkata which makes SRK even dearer in this part of the country.
– Fully comprehensive may work out dearer in insurance premiums, but it does provide the most cover and peace of mind for your caravan.
– Grain, the food of the common people, is dearer in Scotland than in England, whence Scotland receives almost every year very large supplies.

dear for

– We paid dear for any advance we made.
– Thanks very much dear for the appreciation.
– My one friend has been my dearest for years.
– Thank you dear for their work, each such work — this is another in a coffin of Turkey.
– The toll is sacrificing all he knows, all he holds dear for all that he needs and can become.
– Not Bound By Ties Of Defilements Others then do not make dear for hard? s the parting from them.
– He will risk his life, the lives of his family, everything he holds dear for the one thing he holds sacred – the truth.
– In total, they have been away from their nearest and dearest for a month and are eager to be back among their loved ones.
– We must all live and learn; and I think that my little boy will be careful, after this, not to pay too dear for his whistles.
– The retired and on a fixed income citizens are the ones who are going to pay dear for those who refuse to have good work ethics.

dear of

– He was my cousin and the dearest of people to me.
– The dearest of buildings in the sight of Allah are these mosques.
– Ladies and gentlemen, the dearest of our many freedoms is under attack.
– He was Custer’s dearest of all friends on earth; he was the bravest and gentlest of men.
– These precious truths are the dearest of old friends, friends even closer than brothers.
– When we scrutinize you, the dearest of you to us are the most truthful of you in speech.
– But if a woman suspects her nearest and dearest of being unfaithful, she’s correct a whopping 85 percent of the time.
– By Allah, there was no city more hateful to me than your city, but (now) your city has become the dearest of all cities to me.
– With so much of buzz around the malls today, it is no surprise that the best of malls will also command the dearest of rentals.
– There are occasions when one feels that one is fed up with everything, and gets disgusted even with the dearest of possessions.

dear as

– The princess was grief-stricken at losing the flower, which she held very dear as a present from her charming prince.
– Man, it’s not hard, so why do they use all these complicated tactics? I used to hold You dear as a musician, but now I will.
– His subsequent marriages were primarily to form alliances with his nearest and dearest as well as with more remote followers.

dear at

– This powder is dear at 45, but will last an age.
– My dearest at home; some things are a matter of life and death.
– I’d personally love to take a Splash Tour, but they’re a bit dear at 20.
Dearest at home, you would be proud of me; I have not let him leave me behind by more than 10 metres and in each case I have caught up.
– Speculation means buying something cheap in bulk at a time and selling it dear at another and, thus, controlling the whole market to achieve personal gains.
– Comment By: at a loss for words * Dear at a loss for words: It can certainly feel like an unchangeable situation, but as James says, it’s never too late to start changing things in your home.

dear by

– Petrol will cost now dearer by Rs.
– Speed News Petrol will cost now dearer by Rs.
– He was very handsome and striking and held very dear by his family.
– During the week under review, vegetables overall became dearer by 14.
– As per data from the Ministry of Commerce, vegetables became dearer by 14.
– The cost of pilgrimage coming up in September is set to become dearer by as much as Rs 25,000.
– The base version, the EXi, is dearer by Rs 19,000 while the GXi version now costs Rs 16,000 more.
– Before that, prices were raised on Sep 18 — furnace oil went dearer by Tk 8 per litre while it was Tk 5 for all other fuel.
– While small cars are likely to get dearer by between Rs 2,500 and Rs 8,000, two-wheeler prices are likely to move up by between Rs 500 and Rs 2,000.
– They then submitted a request for more information (so got another quote this one now was dearer by $1000 (again added cost to him for the fee of getting a quote $100).