Prepositions after dangerous

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

dangerous for

– This is very dangerous for the.
– Very dangerous for the rest of the world.
Dangerous for whole globe, including USA.
– These myths are more dangerous for the fact that we have forgotten they are myths.
– It’s not a problem for me, I use headset but well, if it’s dangerous for the card.
– He calls it a type of sacrifice, because this practice is dangerous for the vessel.
– This is because there will be X-rays in the room and it would be dangerous for the staff to be exposed to these.
– The fire this caused was not particularly dangerous for the? Hood? even though it produced a great deal of smoke.
– It’s not only dangerous for the Tibetans, it’s a danger for the whole of Asia and for Europe and the whole world.
– This feeling is human, but is dangerous for the prophet, because it is rooted in pride, and pride kills prophecy.

dangerous to

– He is dangerous to the society.
Dangerous to your data, that is.
– That’s pretty dangerous to the NHS.
– Its simple, if its dangerous to the personnel then it should be cancelled thats all.
– But on a societal level, urbanization could be dangerous to the values of a society.
– A firearm is just as dangerous to the owner is they are not trained on how to use it.
– Such tactics are not only dangerous to the whalers, they are dangerous to the cause of stopping Japanese whaling.
– It has many different levels, and some of them are high enough to be dangerous to the naive seeker of true light.
– Sophie’s diagnosis was placenta previa, a condition which is dangerous to the mother as well as her unborn child.
– Making crystal meth is dangerous to the people making it and dangerous to the neighborhood where it’s being made.

dangerous in

– They turn dangerous in a moment.
– This can be dangerous in the long run.
– Parents have rights, of course, but this is becoming dangerous in a number of ways.
– And this is why Scott Walker’s religion is actually dangerous in the public square.
– And the slippery slope is too dangerous in terms of allowing ANY breakup to happen.
– Italy coped well at the back, won the battles down the flanks, and both strikers looked dangerous in the channels.
– It’s possible that the repeated use of pesticides may be more dangerous in the long term than the pests themselves.
– Eventually the intensity of the behavior or substance needed to produce the high become dangerous in and of itself.
– The evidence shows, in fact, that secular schools are clearly more dangerous in this regard than religious schools.

dangerous of

– HIV is the most dangerous of all STI’s.
– This was seen least dangerous of the holes.
– This is the most dangerous of Bunguarus species.
– Fourth, the dangerous of chatting with strangers online can not be over-emphasized.
– Most dangerous of all is mixed feeding, where Moms both bottle feed and breastfeed.
– It would dangerous of us to ignore people like Breivik &; write him of as a lunatic.
– His Chancellors took one road, his Foreign Office others, his Army another and his Navy the most dangerous of all.
– Sheridan and Davies (2001) found that ex-intimate stalkers were the most aggressive and dangerous of all stalkers.
– Most dangerous of all for the survival of the planet are the schemes for the militarization of space which the Dr.
– I consider LSD to be the most dangerous of all the drugs, as do a number of my friends who took it from those days.

dangerous on

– We were also dangerous on the counter.
– It is also dangerous on ye olde wallet.
– They are dangerous on the counterattack.
– Not only that, the US government is very unquestionably the most dangerous on Earth.
– We really got going, put up a strong defence and were very dangerous on the counter.
– But recent studies suggest that hands-free devices are just as dangerous on the road.
– Wetherby certainly looked dangerous on the break with the left back and centre midfield having outstanding games.
– Vigini and Trasolini are both prime targets for quarterback Malcolm on offence, but equally dangerous on defence.
– Barcelona looked the more fluid of the two sides early on, but Madrid proved to be just as dangerous on the break.
– Alex Ferguson’s men looked more dangerous on the ball as van Persie lurked on the shoulder of the Liverpool defence.

dangerous as

– This is dangerous as well as unappetizing.
– The environment was as hostile and dangerous as the enemy.
– This is even more dangerous as a tool for malicious hackers.
– Head and neck wounds are more dangerous as the infection can reach the brain faster.
– This means all humans are contaminated by the goo and potentially dangerous as a species.
– They have to realize that India is better as a friend, dangerous as an enemy for Pakistan.
– With an attacking midfielder Rooney will be able to stay higher up the pitch and will be more dangerous as a result.
– This was extremely dangerous as the children were expected to carry out the task while the machine was still working.
– Setting file policy from the folder is a bit dangerous as the changes are propagated to all sub folders and all files.
– As well, I don’t understand why schools insist on continuing this practice that is clearly dangerous as well as wrong.

dangerous at

– It’s actually dangerous at times.
– They are no mugs and very dangerous at home.
– But it can be expensive and dangerous at times.
– To insist that we choose one or the other is nave at best and dangerous at its core.
– We have had some nice days but the paddocks were too wet and dangerous at the moment.
– Our officers should be aware that while the job is strenuous and dangerous at times,.
– This would have been a promotion but Napoleon probably believed such a position would be very dangerous at the time.
– Glendale would start to gather some momentum, and looked dangerous at times, but things just weren’t going their way.
– And that’s especially dangerous at this time of the year, when people are shopping online both at home and the office.
– We really wanted to go there when we visited Egypt last year but our guide convinced us it was too dangerous at the time.

dangerous with

– My mother was dangerous with her car.
– Out of his depth and dangerous with it.
– He can be very dangerous with the new ball.
– The country is entangled with wild vines, and dangerous with precipitous caverns.
– But the current trajectory we’re on is dangerous with respect to the future rise in debt.
– Some racers considered the circuit dangerous with problems in certain parts of the track.
– The two Akmals — Kamran and Umar are dangerous with the willow, and will look to convert starts into big scores.
– The work can be dangerous with women often going alone into potentially risky situations that they have to manage.
– A very bad and a very sad precedent has been set I foresee a dangerous with full of violence future of our country.
– What crisis is more critical and dangerous with what we have at present? Nigerians are killed in hundreds everyday.

dangerous about

– There was something dangerous about it.
– Nothing offensive or dangerous about it.
– Honestly there is nothing dangerous about living here.
– What is especially dangerous about the present fear is that it has no visible time limit.
– There’s nothing dangerous about this – it involves the simplest of democratic principles.
– Ragnar, Nottingham, UK There’s nothing inherently dangerous about walking along with an iPod.
– Somebody has to lose money for other people to make money, and that’s what’s so dangerous about a market like Forex.
– The thing that was dangerous about OBL was that he had many millions of dollars with which to fund his murderous schemes.
– What’s dangerous about sensationalist journalism, however, is that it distracts readers from more pertinent and newsworthy issues.
– A debate began quickly about whether it was a good or a bad hold-up, what was dangerous about it and what could have been improved.

dangerous because

– Our roads are not dangerous because of slow moving traffic.
– It is too dangerous because of armed smugglers from Mexico.
– They are also so dangerous because of their wandering nature.
– It was only dangerous because of all the tourists backing out without looking.
– Name-dropping is also dangerous because of the risk of getting the wrong name.
– Louis, but at that time it was very dangerous because of Comanche Indian raids.
– In Terry, he has a player who can run pick and rolls and is dangerous because of his outside shooting ability.
– It looks dangerous because of the lack of bike lanes but on Labor day weekend we encountered very little traffic.
– Stagecoache’s are my personal favourite, although open top buses can be dangerous because of the sheer height of them.
– The Mara river, that runs through the famous Masai Mara game park, is known to be particularly dangerous because of them.

dangerous by

– American roads are dangerous by design.
– Framed &; Dangerous by Kim Harrington 7.
– It has been made dangerous by Russian enterprise.
– Driving anything here is maddening at the least and also dangerous by our standards.
– Inside is an intricate maze, made a little more dangerous by gaping holes in the ground.
– Ironworks were made dangerous by the heat and the fumes, as well as the long hours worked.
– Besides this, the harbours outside the Solent were probably always rendered dangerous by bars of sand and shingle.
Dangerous by Design points out the alarming truth about a pedestrian’s survival rate when struck at various speeds.
– People regard big wave surfing as very dangerous by bikini-clad girls and their rescuers, when wave intensity persists.
– Their vehicles are more dangerous by design and the drivers of these vehicles (city buses, too) need to be more vigilant.

dangerous due

– People are dangerous due to their cultured slogging.
– Huge waste of money, and dangerous due to the poor design.
– He thinks it may be dangerous due to foreign bacteria or some such thing.
– Risks: The investment in penny stocks is highly dangerous due to assorted factors.
– Motorway driving can be as dangerous due to the ease folk can be occupied by other things.
– While Arteta is becoming more dangerous due to the opposition not paying attention to him.
– A wall that is behind u, is more dangerous due to POSSIBLE ricocheting rounds, explosive shrapnel and even debris.
– I’ve seen some very close calls on this road, which everyone recognises as dangerous due to the number of accidents.
– The situation can be dangerous due to the fact creditors will demand payment plus the Christmas loan is in this half prepared state.
– But yes, the outside world has become more dangerous due to increasing populations and the concommitant pressures (amongst other things).

dangerous from

– They are most dangerous from set-pieces,.
– It looks strange and dangerous from the outside.
– Please suggest me if it is dangerous from any point.
– Combat is very quick and remains dangerous from starting level to highly advanced.
– Throw in Johnson’s blistering pace and they are dangerous from anywhere on the park.
– I personally don’t really rate Kane and Defoe always seems more dangerous from the bench.
– Irving is averaging 24 points, 6 assists, and 4 rebounds per game, and is dangerous from anywhere on the court.
– Less dangerous from a spark or **26;3163;TOOLONG point of view, but worse from a lung full of dust point of view.
– Yet, having these large reactors operate in North Korea is also dangerous from a nuclear proliferation standpoint.
– Chisora was dominating the close exchanges but Haye was more dangerous from range with both landing powerful shots.