Prepositions after crushing

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

crushing of

– It meant a total crushing of vanity.
– Dr Yan’s demonstration involved the crushing of sugar.
– The Chinese regime was visibly brutal in its crushing of.
Crushing of the cells and separation of the granules from other insoluble matter (i.
– Comment: crushing of flat bangs, length and no eyebrows, the eyebrows dyed hair color.
– Ga-id is a local term referring to the crushing of ores using two big blocks of stone.
– These religions clearly and unambiguously justify and prescribe the crushing of women to the status of sub-humans.
– The LLRC spoke of an unprecedented window of opportunity that presented itself by the crushing of LTTE’s terrorism.
– Not all sows are naturally attentive (good mothers ), so special management is needed to avoid crushing of piglets.
– She was the author of Gulag: A History, and her new book is Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956.

crushing in

– Also, I detected noise throughout the series and some annoying crushing in the black colors.

crushing on

– OK well, first, I guess this means I have to end my crushing on you LOL — because that might be wrong.
– Can we just keep him in those suits and formal clothes? That way, I won’t feel too guilty crushing on him with the illusion that he’s older than he really is.
– Crux, god of In-Between Places, is completely oblivious to the fact that the goddess of Stories has been crushing on him ever since they started talking at the base of Dawn Mountain.

crushing at

– I’d sure that the crowds are pretty crushing at that time of year.
– The laughter has replaced the many tears that I shed during my school days and I think of how what seemed so crushing at the time is truly irrelevant in the grand scheme of life.

crushing by

– Impact crusher is primarily engaged in crushing work in the process and producing crushing by making the materials along the joints level with the help of the impact.

crushing for

– The equipment can carry out muti-stage crushing for a large chunk of material.
– How crushing for them to discover that power-hungry rivals see life differently.
– This machine can realize multi-stage crushing for a crushing and meet the need of grain shape, which provides perfect solution for the renewable crushing technology of construction waste aggregate.

crushing to

– That must be so crushing to people who think winemaking is glamorous.
– Government that gets larger and larger along with taxes that go up and up, it becomes more crushing to enterprise and ultimately to the country.