Prepositions after awash

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

awash with

– The Internet is awash with sex.
– The floor was awash with blood.
– The Gulf is awash with capital.
– No doubt your mind is already awash with the advantages of being at home as you work.
– And the HR and Management press is awash with articles about ‘ employee engagement ‘.
– Since tens of thousands of bags were involved, various persons were awash with money.
Awash with clich and stock characters, turn-of-the-century London seemed ripe territory for Weldon’s subversive pen.
– Indeed, countries like Angola are awash with oil funds, which some Western countries seek to attract in investments.
– Our problem is not that we are short of information about the phenomenon: on the contrary, we are awash with numbers.
Awash with hormones, emotions wildly fluctuating, and under pressure from all sides, it can be tough being a teenager.

awash in

– America is awash in spirituality.
– The log was just awash in the lake.
– When credit was awash in this country.
– This is a policy that would lead to a country being awash in lies, just as NZ is today.
– The entire estate was awash in the molten honey-gold rays of an end-of-the-monsoon-sun.
– In addition to email, voicemail and meetings, we’re now awash in social networking data.
– Oil and gas, the economic powerhouse of the province and awash in profits must be a model of laissez-faire integrity.
– The sense of being awash in images from elsewhere that is so familiar to Canadians is common in most small countries.
– Russia reveals shiny state secret: It’s awash in diamonds The Russians have been hiding the biggest stash of diamonds.
– The papers are awash in the past day or so with the merits vis-a-vis the new iPhone 5 and the latest Samsung creations.

awash on

– And, that’s why the colors burnt orange and white are awash on screen.
– Rebulge LV is awash on a bargain amount, which completes about absurd even though atonearing with the amount on the accurate.
– I’d pretty sure a police car was stolen, broken bottles were awash on the floors, punk rock throttled the speakers and the Death family unleashed the killer DVD, ‘ Better Than Life ‘.
– Privacy my foot, pictures of a nude Prince Harry of England was awash on the internet just last week, so what privacy are we talking about for a Jezebel of a married woman banker who is so possessed.