Prepositions after assured

Prepositions after Adjectives – see what prepositions are generally used after it in English.

assured of

– They are always assured of a home.
– He felt assured of victory in any election.
– Phoned and assured of delivery on 15th Sat.
– Then there are those rare souls who are certain and assured of themselves spiritually.
– We can not get assured of anything; everything tends to get change any moment of time.
– This way selecting assured of undertaking a quick in a safe and controlled environment.
Assured of its smart and progress of mankind, has long been beset with crises, while we sleep in the bed of desire.
– Please assist me on how i can invest in the Nairobi stock Exchange in a way am assured of making a profit out of it.
– Unlike your snotty urban-based friends, rest assured of genuinely happy folk who will gate crash your wedding anyway.
– After their duty the go to do their various work so they are rest assured of gaining something at the end of the month.

assured in

– Now I’d very assured in myself as a person.
– Rest assured in a couple of weeks Self-Printed 2.
– Rest assured in 10 years it will be a Tamil Land.
– He believes he is more assured in his opinions and more creative.
– You can rest assured in peace if the gem you are buying is certified.
– For such a young man he looked very assured in the air and wit the ball at his feet.
– It certainly doesn’t read as a first novel, which are often somewhat hesitant, but is very assured in plot and style.
– Very assured in possession and was happy to step forward into the midfield to help shepherd the ball out wide or forward.
– But rest assured in this, (or be horrifingly assured would be more accurate ), that time is nigh and what follows is the.
– I can’t announce pricing yet, but will as soon as I can, but rest assured in terms of both value and cost, it is VERY cheap.

assured with

– Competitive racing looks assured with 92 entries and an early start at 11am.
– Atleo’s win was far less assured with votes running on for a record 23 hours.
– All the companies that I am listing here are adult-site-free, so be rest assured with my recommendations.
– Rest assured with the beauty of the vast scenic Melaka straits and the fast development of Melaka, your visit will be an unforgettable and memorable one.
– Before purchasing a house be present assured with the aim of get quotation marks on the below discussion whatever the married owners insurance expenses self-control be.
– If you are connecting 20 in addition to 30 time of epoch at that moment force to assured with the intention of you obtain a rule which is 12 headed for 15 era of your twelve-monthly income.

assured about

– One can rest assured about looking good with the Ash shoes.
– We are able to do this merely because we are very assured about this Lemon Baking Chips.
– When using a company of commercial printers you can rest assured about the quality of work and on time delivery.
– You will get all kinds designer replica handbags at a reasonable rate and also be rest assured about the quality.
– Whichever data storage option you select, you can be rest assured about the efficiency of storage and security of data.
– Romney also told the millionaire donors to rest assured about his consultants who he says have worked for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

assured as

– With all these accreditations, there is definitely no necessity to look elsewhere for an assured as well as effective FFL licence application pointers.
– Rest assured as a matter of regular procedure all hospitality areas, restrooms, fixtures and any other public areas are regularly cleaned and sanitized.
– In the converse case, where the assured assigns the policy without assigning the subject-matter, the assignee has no insurable interest and is thus unable to sue on the policy.

assured by

– But such needs can be assured by a functional welfare system.
– You can rest assured by the quality of service which you will get here.
– A place for Asherah and her cult symbol in Israelite religion seems assured by recent discoveries and research on other extant texts.
– With a depth of experience within the area of cosmetic and plastic surgery, patients can rest assured by knowing that they are in capable hands.

assured for

– When you buy your kit of synthetic urine from us, rest assured for passing drug tests.
– Cook looked assured for most part of his innings, but Pietersen’s knock was a bizarre one.

assured on

– I will not attack until we are ready and you can rest assured on that point.
– He is very assured on the ball and can pass and dribble as well or better than toure.
– Cleverley looked very assured on the ball, would have liked to see Ando and him together from the get go.
– Now, before I go further, I can’t remember making an ad hominem comment since I’ve been commenting on climate blogs, so rest assured on that score.

assured after

– And rest assured after 2 minutes I go about my own life and am happy-go-lucky until the next mean comment riles me up.
– That now seems assured after the European Central Bank vowed last month to buy unlimited quantities of short-term government bonds to defeat any attempt to bet on the breakup of the euro.

assured at

– Rest assured at http: //HolidaysforFamily.
– Rest assured at this stage she is pain free and settled.
– READ MORE Good racing looks assured at Vauterhill, North Devon, on Bank Holiday Monday next week (May 4) where the Stevenstone has a total entry of 122 for their seven races.
– Of course, the team looked far from assured at the back, but you only have to go back to the France game a few days ago for evidence that England can be solid and stubborn when they need to be.

assured because

– How pleasant it is to rest assured because of an active internal audit department at work all days.
– The only difference now is that gas-powered generation is cleaner and greener and that security of supply is more assured because of.

assured from

– It is the best way to assured from the insurer and the insurer also insured you about the process.

assured regarding

– As soon as I read what he stated in this book on this issue, I became rest assured regarding what I referred to in my book, thanking Allah for finding the doubt raised in the mind of Dr.

assured to

– Zhang Heng is never rest assured to capitalist.
– Their co-defendant was to be tried within a system specifically constructed to remove from him that ‘ full panoply of rights ‘ assured to them, as well as to remove access to him by others.

assured under

– Their goalkeeper Paul Durkin was also hugely influential in the game, his kick outs always found a Donegal player and he also looked very assured under the high ball.