Get ready with your passport as these 9 countries offer free education for international students!


Studying in a foreign land is a dream for many students. Education abroad may be a big financial problem for a middle class family, So here we have a list for you dreamers who want to go abroad and study in budget.

So, Here are 9 countries which offers almost free of cost

1. Czech Republic          

The best law that any country could ever impose is free education for all nationalities! The only necessity is to know the local language.
A fee of about ₹70,000 would be required as tuition fee.



2. Austria

A nominal fee of about ₹55,000 have to paid by non EU/EEA students which is not so much considering the excellent quality of education here.



3. Norway

The only requirement here is to be proficient in Norwegian, as most undergraduate courses are taught in this language. Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate level program here are free for all nationalities.




4. Spain

Spain offers free education to EU students, but it also offers low education rates to students outside EU, and offer affordable price for a living. Just imagine all the Spanish food over there!



5. Greece

It offers low cost higher education to students coming from around the world. It would be a advantage to study in a beautiful city like this.



6. France

The country of love offers free education to all students around the world, it has low tuition fee and affordable living. That food though!



7. Finland

Earlier education here was totally free but now a minimal charge is required to study in this beautiful place! it will s tart charging tuition fee from non EU/EEA students for English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.




8. Sweden

While universities charges nothing for most of the programs , they also offer PhD for no cost! Infact they will pay you a monthly salary.

Just pack your bags and get the Dr. prefix to your name.




9. Germany

Only a nominal fee is charged here. Excellent quality of education guaranteed.