Adjectives exercise

Complete the following sentences using the appropriate form of the adjective given in the brackets.


1. He is ______than his neighbors. (rich)
2. The brides were much ______than the grooms. (young)
3. He is too ______ to be taught. (intelligent)
4. He is ______than I thought him to be. (clever)
5. When the old woman became ______, she began to move about. (strong)
6. He is much ______now. (good)
7. The offer was too ______to be true. (good)
8. He fishes with ______ success than I do. (great)
9. Shakespeare is the ______ playwright in English. (great)
10. The pain was ______ than he could bear. (much)
11. The ______thing of all was that his son was rude to him. (bad)
12. Jane was the ______player of the two. (good)

1. richer 2. younger 3. intelligent 4. cleverer 5. stronger 6. better 7. good 8. greater 9. greatest 10. more 11. worst 12. better