15 Comparative Idioms

1. It’s as light as a feather.
2. It’s as dry as a bone.
3. It’s as flat as a pancake.
4. He’s as mad as a hornet.
5. It’s as old as the hills.
6. It’s as quick as lightning.
7. She’s as sick as a dog.
8. He’s as strong as an ox.
9. They’re as different as night and day.
10. She’s as stubborn as a mule.
11. He’s as proud as a peacock.
12. She’s as white as a sheet. (usually used when someone is very afraid or very sick)
13. It’s as solid as a rock.
14. It’s as good as new. (used after something broken has been repaired)
15. It’s as clear as mud. (= it’s not clear at all)