what good writers do

Good writers utilize effective sentence starters to interest their readers. You can do the same.

By using different starters, you use variety, a trait of strong writing.
Here are seven ways to start your sentences.

  • Gerund or gerund phrase

    Learning was crucial for the new student. (gerund)
    Finishing his art project on time brought Andy great relief.
    (gerund phrase)

  • Participle or participial phrase

    Smiling, Mom welcomed her guests into our house. (participle)
    Jumping from the side of the pool, the young boy was enjoying himself.
    (participial phrase)

  • Infinitive or infinitive phrase

    To laugh is good for your health. (infinitive)

    To win the trophy was the boater’s goal. (infinitive phrase)

  • Prepositional phrase

    In the evening, Shirley and her friends play bridge. (prepositional phrase)
    After an hour the cat felt better. (prepositional phrase)

  • Adverb

    Slowly, the children exited the school bus. (adverb)
    Intelligently, these scientists debated the heated topic. (adverb)

  • Adverb clause

    Because the weather will be good for surfing, we plan on hitting the beach
    tomorrow. (adverb clause)
    Although the doctor will not be in this evening, her assistant can see you.
    (adverb clause)

  • Adjective

    Awed, the circus attendees watched the trapeze artist in action. (adjective)
    Bright and curious, the scholarship students performed their experiments.
    (two adjectives)