too / very

Very and too have different meanings. Consider this example:

  • I have $100.
  • This bottle of wine costs $90. It’s very expensive, but I can buy it.
  • That bottle of wine costs $150. It’s too expensive, so I can’t buy it.

    “Very” in front of an adjective amplifies it. To amplify something even more than “very,” you can say “extremely”:

  • It’s 75°F. It’s hot.
  • It’s 90°F. It’s very hot.
  • It’s 105°F. It’s extremely hot.

    “Too” means “more than the limit.” For example:

  • You must be 17 years old to watch this movie. Jackson is 14. He’s too young.
  • This shirt is a size large, and I need a size small. The shirt is too big for me.
  • The train left at 8:00 and we got to the station at 8:30. We arrived too late.

    Remember, use too much and too many before nouns… and use too before adjectives. You can’t say “The shirt is too much big.” – because “big” is an adjective.