some time / sometime / sometimes

Some time (two words) means a period of time:

  • It took me some time to fix the computer; it had a number of problems.
  • I spend some time listening to English every day.
  • Sarah worked at that company for quite some time.

    (quite some time = a long time)

    Sometime (one word) refers to an unspecified time, usually in the future, although it can be in the past as well, as in the third example:

  • Let’s get together for lunch sometime.
  • I’ll call you sometime this afternoon.
  • I don’t remember exactly when I bought this shirt, but it was sometime in the past year.

    Sometimes means occasionally:

  • Usually I wake up early, but sometimes I sleep late.
  • Sometimes we have to work on Saturdays, if there’s a special event.
  • While reading this text, I sometimes had to look a word up in the dictionary.