ignore / neglect

If you ignore someone/something, it means you don’t pay attention to it:
– The president ignored the criticism and continued with his plan.
– My best friend has been ignoring me ever since we had a fight – she hasn’t been answering my calls.
– Ralph drives way too fast; he totally ignores the speed limit.
Ignoring can be good or bad. It is bad to ignore the speed limit while driving; but it is good to ignore noisy and annoying people.

The word neglect means to fail to give attention or care to something that you really SHOULD care for:
– If parents purposefully do not give food to their children, they are neglecting the children.
– If you don’t brush your teeth or take showers, you are neglecting your health/appearance.
Neglecting is usually a bad thing, because you are failing to do something that is a necessary responsibility.

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We can also say someone neglected to do something – again, not doing something that you should do:
– The accident occurred after he neglected to check the safety controls.
– She neglected to go to the doctor, and her health problem got even worse.