early / soon

The word soon means a short time after now, a short time in the future.

  • If right now it is April, and Harry will graduate from college in May, then he’ll be graduating from college soon.
  • If it’s 5:30 and I will be home at 6:00, then I will get home from work soon.

    The word early has two meanings:

    1) Near the beginning of a particular period of time

  • I’ll be traveling early next month. or ( between the 1st and the 10th of the month)
  • She gets up very early in the morning. or ( probably around 5 AM)
  • Early in his career, he worked at Microsoft. or ( in the beginning of his career)

    2) Before the expected time

  • If most people graduate after 4 years, but Harry did intensive study and will graduate after 3 years, then he will graduate early.
  • If I normally get home from work at 6:00 PM but today I’m coming home at 3:00 PM, then I’m coming home early.
  • If a project must be completed by December 31 but I complete it by December 15, then I have finished it early.