dress / dressed / wear

A dress (n.) is a type of clothing that women wear:

The words dressed (adj.) and get dressed (v.) can be used with both men AND women.

“Get dressed” means to put on your clothes (the opposite is “get undressed”): You get dressed in the morning, or after taking a shower, and you get undressed at night.

The word “dressed” can also be used to describe what someone is currently wearing. This guy is dressed in jeans and a yellow shirt.

The verb wear is also used to describe the current state of someone’s clothing: He’s wearing jeans and a yellow shirt. The past tense of “wear” is “wore”: Yesterday it was cold, so I wore a sweater.

To dress up (v.) means to wear clothing that is special; clothing that is nicer than your regular everyday clothes. You would dress up to go to a formal banquet:

You can also use dress up as for costumes. The picture shows a man dressed up as superman.