distinct / distinctive

The word distinct means:

1) that something is clearly and noticeably different or separate from other things

  • Three distinct languages are spoken in this region.
  • Please make sure to keep your opinions distinct from the facts when writing the article.
  • We’re dealing with two distinct problems here.

    2) that something is strong and obvious:

  • There is a distinct possibility that the flight will be canceled.
  • These cookies have a distinct cinnamon flavor.
  • When I met her, I got the distinct impression that she didn’t like me.

    The word distinctive means that something has qualities that make it noticeably different and easy to be identified or recognized. While distinct is neutral, distinctive often has a positive connotation of being good or special:

  • The male cardinal can be identified by its distinctive red feathers.
  • His thoughtful and poetic lyrics are a distinctive characteristic of his music.
  • One distinctive feature of this software is that it can automatically translate text from 50 languages.