cloth / clothes / clothing

Clothes and clothing refer to the things you wear – shirts, pants, underwear, dresses, suits, etc.

Cloth is the material, the fabric. Cotton, wool, silk, etc. are different types of cloth.

There is also a pronunciation difference:

  • The o in clothes/clothing sounds like the o in “no.”
  • The o in cloth sounds like the aw in “saw.”

    Now, what about clothes and clothing? They are mostly the same, and sometimes

    used interchangeably, but there is a tiny difference:

  • Clothing is more formal, and usually refers to a general category: men’s clothing, women’s clothing, athletic clothing, clothing made from natural materials, etc.
  • Clothes refers to the individual items that you wear. You pack your clothes in your suitcase before going on a trip, and you take off your clothes before taking a shower.