chance / possibility / opportunity

With the verb have, always use opportunity. The word possibility is more often used with “there is”:

  • There’s a possibility I might move to England next year.
  • I have the opportunity to work in my company’s London office.

    Also, possibility is neutral – it means maybe the event will happen, and maybe it will not happen. The word opportunity is a little more positive, it expresses the possibility for something good. So we can use possibility with good or bad things, but opportunity is usually used only for good things:

  • I’m worried about the possibility of losing my job.
  • I have the opportunity to do a study abroad program.
  • You should take that job. It’s a great opportunity for your career.

    The word chance is more informal, and it can be used for possibilities or opportunities!

  • This project has so many problems, there’s little chance of success.
  • Is there any chance of rain this weekend?
  • The boy got a chance to meet his favorite professional basketball player.
  • I was chosen to appear on the TV show! This is my chance to become famous! = my opportunity to become famous