as far as / as long as / as soon as

Use as long as for:

Time – when talking about a long period:
– “I’ll stay with you as long as you want.”

A condition that is a requirement:
– “You can go to the party as long as you’re back by 11 PM.”

Use as soon as for:

Time – when one thing happens at the same time as another, or immediately after another:
– “The phone rang as soon as I walked into my apartment.”

Use as far as for:

Degree or distance
– “I’ll walk with you as far as the corner.”

Opinion (in the expression “as far as I’m concerned”):
– “As far as I’m concerned, he owes me an apology.”

To limit your statement (in the expression “as far as I know”):
– “As far as I know, Barry has never been outside the country.”