any / some

Some is used in positive statements; any is used in negative statements and questions:

  • Positive: I want some bread
  • Negative: I don’t want any bread.
  • Question: Do we have any bread in the house?

    There is an exception – some is used in questions if you are offering something to someone, or asking for something:

  • Offering something: Would you like some bread?
  • Asking for something: Can I have some extra ketchup for my fries, please?
  • nly use some and any with uncountable nouns and plural countable nouns:
  • She wants some water.

    (water = uncountable noun)

  • He hasn’t received any e-mails yet.

    (e-mails = plural countable noun)

    Don’t use some or any with singular countable nouns:

  • Can I have some apple? (apple = singular countable noun)

    Can I have an apple?

  • Paul doesn’t have any car. (car = singular countable noun)

    Paul doesn’t have a car.