Types of transport:

Can I have a single/return (ticket) to Barcelona please? (single = Madrid return = Madrid Barcelona)
I’d like to book/reserve a seat in advance, (to make sure you have a seat)
How much is the (train / bus / taxi / air) fare?
Was the journey long? [not Was the travel long?]

By train:

The train arriving at platform 3 is the 16:50 train to Paris.
The Edinburgh train departs/leaves from platform 6.
Is there a buffet/restaurant car on this train?
Do I have to change trains for Toulouse? (= get off one train and go onto another)

By plane:

You have to check in an hour before the plane takes off (= leaves the ground).
I went through customs but nobody checked my passport. [NOT controlled my passportl.
Give your boarding card to the flight stewards when you get on the plane.
Have a good flight.
The plane landed in New York at 5.30.

By car:

We hired a car for a week. We had to fill it up with petrol.
Can I give you a lift? I’m going into town.
Unit 14 (Moving) has some more useful words about travelling.