The media

Radio and TV programmes

The news is on TV at 6 o’clock every night. (= important things that happen) [not The news -ate on TV]
Do you watch soaps / soap operas? Home and Away is my favourite. (Soap operas are stories about people’s lives. They are often on TV every day.)
I like nature programmes best. (= programmes about animals, birds, etc.)
I watched a documentary last night about drugs and young people. (= programme looking at a social problem or question)
In talk shows, people talk about very personal and private things in their lives.
The children watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. (For example, Disney films with animals that talk.) (See Unit 55.)
I always watch sport programmes and films.
People and the media
There was an interview with the US President on TV last night.
The reporters are outside Zelda Glitzberg’s house. (= People who go out and get the news stories where they happen.)
My sister is a journalist; she writes for The Oxford Times newspaper. (= Person who writes articles.)

Newspapers and magazines

In most countries there are morning newspapers and evening newspapers.
Every month, I buy a magazine.
My mother buys women’s magazines.
I like news magazines like Newsweek and Time.
My little brother buys comics.
Other types of magazines: sports magazines / computer magazines / teenage magazines

Media and technology

Do you have satellite TV?