spelling: y and i

  • When we add something to a word that ends in -y, we usually change -y to
      hurry hurried marry marriage
      happy happily fury furious
      easy easier merry merriment
      busy business

    Generally, nouns and verbs that end in -y have plural or third person singular forms in -ies.

      story stories hurry hurries spy spies
  • We do not change -y to -i- before -i- (for example, when we add -ing, -ish, -ism, -ize).
      try trying Tory Toryism baby babyish
  • We do not change -y to after a vowel letter.
      buy buying play played enjoy enjoyment grey greyish

    Exceptions: say said lay laid pay paid

  • We change -ie to -y- before -ing.
      die dying lie lying.