singular and plural: irregular plurals

  • The most common words with irregular plurals are:

    Singular Plural Singular Plural Singular Plural
    calf calves series series child children
    half halves analysis analyses
    knife knives basis bases sheep sheep
    leaf leaves crisis crises fish fish
    life lives aircraft aircraft
    loaf loaves cactus cacti
    self selves fungus fungi
    shelf shelves nucleus nuclei
    thief thieves radius radii
    wife wives bacterium bacteria
    foot feet
    tooth teeth vertebra vertebrae
    goose geese
    man men criterion criteria
    woman women phenomenon phenomena
    mouse mice
  • Cattle, people and police are plural words with no singular.
      Cattle are selling for very high prices this year.
      (NOT Cattle is selling . . .)
      The police are searching for a tall dark man with a beard.
      (NOT The police is searching . . .)
      People are funny. (NOT People is funny.)