short answers

  • When we answer yes/no questions, we often repeat the subject and auxiliary verb of the question.
      Can he swim?’ ‘Yes, he can. ‘ Has It stopped raining?’ ‘No, it hasn’t. ‘
      Be and have can be used in short answers.
      Are you happy?’ ‘Yes, I am.’ Have you a light?’ ‘Yes, I have. ‘
  • We can also use ‘short answers’ in replies to statements, requests and orders.
      You’ll be on holiday soon.’ ‘Yes, I will.’ You’re late.’ ‘No, I’m not.’
      Don’t forget to telephone.’ I won’t’
  • We use do and did in short answers to sentences with no auxiliary verb.
      ‘She likes cakes. ‘ ‘Yes, she does ‘
      ‘That surprised you.’ ‘It certainly did ‘