Shops and shopping

Kinds of shops:

These words are also for people’s jobs. We often add s and say: I’m going to the newsagent’s to get a paper. Do you want anything from the butcher’s?

Department store:

A department store is a large shop which sells a lot of different things – clothes, cosmetics, toys and so on.

(cosmetics = beauty products; stationery = pens, pencils, paper, etc.)

Going shopping:

You buy something from a shop assistant.
You pay for it at the cash desk / till.
You get a receipt.

Useful phrases:

Can I help you?
How much does this cost?
Can I pay by cheque / credit card?
No, cash only.
Sorry, I only have a £20 note; I don’t have any change (coins).
Can I try it on?
Have you got a bigger / smaller size / a different colour? cheque book
Would you like a (carrier) bag?