present tenses: present progressive

  • Forms
      Affirmative Question Negative
      I am working you are working he/she/it is working etc am I working? are you working? is he/she/it working? etc I am not working you are not working he/she/it is not working, etc
  • ‘Around now’
    We use the present progressive to talk about actions and situations that are going on ‘around now’: before, during and after the moment of speaking.
    Hurry up! We
    e all waitingfor you! (NOT We all wait . . .)
    ‘WhatareyoudoingP Tm reading.’]
    I’m going to a lot of parties these days.

  • Changes
    We also use the present progressive to talk about developing and changing situations.
    The weather
    ‘s getting
    10° 12° 15° 20° 25° 30°
  • Present progressive and simple present
    We do not use the present progressive to talk about ‘general time’. For this, we use the simple present. (See 261.) Compare:
      My sister’s living at home for the moment, (around now)
      You live in North London, don’t you? (general time)
      Why is that girl standing on the table?
      Chetford Castle stands on a hill outside the town.
      The leaves are going brown.
      I go to the mountains about twice a year.
  • We often use the present progressive to talk about the future.
      What are you doing tomorrow evening?
  • Some verbs are not used in progressive forms.
      I like this wine. (NOT I’m liking . . .)
  • Verbs that refer to physical feelings (for example feel, hurt, ache) can be used in the simple present or present progressive without much difference of meaning.
      How do you feel? OR How are you feeling?
      My head aches OR My head is aching
  • For the use of always with progressive forms (for example She’s always losing her keys),