prepositions before particular words and expressions

(This is a list of a few expressions which often cause problems. For information about other [preposition + noun] combinations, see a good dictionary.)

    at the cinema: at the theatre; at a party; at university
    a book by Joyce; a concerto by Mozart; a film by Fassbinder (NOT of)
    for … reason
    My sister decided to go to America for several reasons.
    in pen, pencil, ink etc
    Please fill in the form in ink.
    in the rain, snow etc
    I like walking in the rain.
    in a … voice
    Stop talking to me in that stupid voice.
    in a suit, raincoat, shirt, skirt, hat etc
    Who’s the man in the funny hat over there?
    in the end = finally, after a long time
    In the end, I got a visa for the Soviet Union. at the end = at the point where something stops
    I think the film’s a bit weak at the end.
    in time = with enough time to spare; not late
    I didn’t get an interview because I didn’t send in the form in time. on time = at exactly the right time
    Concerts never start on time.
    on the radio; on TV