possessives: my and mine, etc

  • My, your, his, her, its, one’s, our and their are determiners. In grammars and dictionaries they are often called ‘possessive adjectives’.
      That’s my watch.

    We cannot use my, youretc together with other determiners (for example a, the, this). You cannot say a my friend or the my car or this my house. (For the structure a friend of mine,)
    Don’t confuse its (possessive) and it’s (= it is/has).
    ‘We’ve got a new cat. ‘ ‘What’s its name?’ It’s called Polly. ‘

  • Mine, yours, his, hers, ours and theirs are pronouns.
    That watch is mine – Which car is yours?
    We do not use articles with mine etc.
    Can I borrow your keys? I can’t find mine.
  • We can use whose as a determiner (like my) or as a pronoun (like mine).
    Whose bag is that? Whose is that bag?
  • After a plural possessive, we do not usually use a singular word to express a plural meaning.
      The teacher told the children to open their books.