passive verb forms

We make passive verb forms with the different tenses of be, followed by the past participle (= pp).

    simple present am/are/is + pp English is spoken here.
    present am/are/is being + pp Excuse the mess: the
    progressive house is being painted.
    simple past was/were + pp I wasn’t invited, but 1
    went anyway.
    past | was/were being + pp I felt as if I was being
    progressive watched
    present perfect have/has been + pp Has Mary been told?
    past perfect had been + pp I knew why I had been chosen
    future I will be + pp You’ll be told when the time comes.
    future perfect will have been + pp Everything will have been done by Tuesday.
    ‘going to’ | going to be + pp Who’s going to be


Future progressive passives and perfect progressive passives (will be being + pp and has been being + pp) are very unusual.
Passive tenses follow the same rules as active tenses. Look in the index to see where to find information about the use of the present progressive, present perfect, etc.