no and not a/not any

  • No is a determiner . We use no before singular (countable and uncountable) nouns and plural nouns.
      No means the same as not a or not any, but we use no:
      (a) at the beginning of a sentence
      (b) when we want to make the negative idea emphatic.

    a. No cigarette is completely harmless.
    No beer?How do you expect me to sing without beer?
    No tourists ever come to our village.
    b. I can t get there. There’s no bus.
    (More emphatic than There isn’t a bus.)
    Sorry I can’t stop. I’ve got no time
    There were no letters for you this morning, I’m afraid.

  • Nobody, nothing, no-one and nowhere are used in similar ways to no. Compare:
      Nobody came.(NOT Not any body came)
      I saw nobody (More emphatic than I didn’t see anybody )
  • We only use no immediately before a noun. In other cases we use none (of).