Learning Vocabulary

Tip: Keep a vocabulary notebook. Write the words you learn from this book in it. Use a good dictionary. Ask your teacher to recommend one. You will need it for some exercises in this book.

Here are some ways of writing down words you want to learn.

Write down words that go together (collocations):

You do the exercises in this book. Sometimes, you may make mistakes in your English.
In your vocabulary book, write down: do an exercise and make a mistake.

When words are used together like this, we call it a collocation.
You go by train, but on foot (= walking) preposition + noun
Some people are good at languages [not good-mj adjective + preposition
I saw a very tall man [not high man] adjective + noun
Tip: Always write down collocations when you learn a new word.

Learn words in families:

word family some words in the family
temperature hot, warm, cool, cold
travel ticket, passport, suitcase

Tip: Make a page for every different word family in your vocabulary notebook.

Pictures and diagram:

Tip: When you can, use pictures and diagrams.
One more tip: Look at the words you have written down again and again and again!